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Antonio Claudio Collares “Tonicão” Jiu Jitsu

I try to not copy other people's articles.

 However I made an exception on this one because it is near impossible finding out interview of the master translated in English.

Tonicao means big Toni (just in case you wondered).

Tonicao gave the black belt to Douglas Santos.

Therefore Tonicao is part of our lineage.

I got the info from

Interview with Tonicao

I translated from Portuguese to English and made some corrections.


The first developer of Jiu-Jitsu in Santa Catarina, this black belt (almost red and black) of 54 years well lived, 30 of them devoted to the Jiu-Jitsu, is definitely a person with a lot of histories .
An extremely "good people", that captivates people in 10 minutes of conversation, no exception to the questions and plays with death.
Enjoy the result of this pleasant conversation with the "Master Tonicão" which lasted an entire afternoon, against the backdrop of the sweeping views of Lake of Conception.

Why Jiu-Jitsu?
I had already done Judô with Mehdi and was doing Karate with Watanabe. I met the guys of the Jiu-Jitsu through a friend called Nile, which train with the Rolls. He introduced me to Rolls, the Jiu-Jitsu and I was curious to know. I arrived back in the gym of Rolls to train and thought it was an interesting fight. Then I started to train and was there I began to play.

And how was your route to reach the Black Belt?
I started with the Rolls. I am very proud to have trained with him because he was a great guy. He was a light weight that train with everyone, this was not a choice. Once the Rolls died, was the Carlinhos (Gracie). I learned some time with Carlinhos, until the purple belt, and then I went out and I was training with Rickson until black belt.

And who were the great champions of that era?
At the time of the Rolls had Márcio Macarrão, the Jacaré Romero, the Malibú, the father of Roger Maurição.

And who were your major opponents?
They were mainly students from Carlson, because at that time had one fight between students of the Rolls and Carlson. The guys were almost killed. It was very funny. The championships were virtually internal Gracie between the academies.

And who was the better fighter of Jiu-Jitsu of all time?
Of the ones I saw fight, 2 guys were the best for me: The Rolls Royce and Rickson. It had many good, it was Marcelo Behring .... but the guys that I called for more attention, the technique, the simplicity and humility, were Rolls Royce and Rickson.

How you got to teach class?
The Rickson was giving private classes. There were few entrepreneurs who trained with him every day at 7:00 in the morning. Then one day he had called me along with Marcelo Behring to help him. Then we went there and in the beginning was only looking and learning. One day he asked me to get to teach class and he was only observing. As I had seen how he was doing, all the details, I learned and did the same. The next day was the Marcelo Behring, who did everything right, too.
I remember they had some pictures on the wall, with photos and drawings, teaching lessons of the program. It was only following what there. First flight of hip class, second class ex-mounted, and so on.
One day Rickson told the entrepreneurs that we would start giving them these lessons. They agreed and it was all right.
Uncle Helio (Gracie) did not want us to teach those classes, but the Rickson convinced him, and everything was right.

But at least had salary?
Salary not (laughs) but for us it was an honour to be called by Rickson to class. And he sometimes would give us a kimono. There was also Carlos (Gracie), who took care of feeding the family and when they went shopping in Ceasa, when we took together. That gave watermelon, papaya, box. But for us the payment was the biggest honour to be living with them and giving lessons.

And with that experience you decided to come live in Santa Catarina?
( I came to the South since 1970 to surf. I thought so beautiful here. Every year I was 2 times in the winter and summer. Until I came in 1986 and was 2 months. When I returned to Rio, I was talking with Rickson that I wanted to come live here and expand the Jiu-Jitsu. He encouraged me and I came. I stayed 1 and a half years in Garopaba. I had a good life there, but the Jiu-Jitsu was growing very slowly. Then came to Floripa and started giving classes on the campus of UFSC (University). Gradually the sport increased , started a gym in my house in Lagoa da Conceicao, I invite all friends, the staff was coming, there came the MurilãoRupp), the Ricardão (De Luca), then Marcelo (De Luca), and grew until today.

And ho did Double Attack (Ataque Duplo) began?
The double attack was created by my first two black belts, Serginho and Murilo de Rupp. They came together and formed the double attack, which grew until now, thank God, for this great family that it is today.

How does the structure and administration of the team?
Who manages everything is Murilo. He talks with me always, we are always in contact, but those who manage it all is. I agree with everything he does. Murilo is a son I have. I have the greatest pride of it. He was my best black belt, and still very good today. An excellent athlete, a wonderful character. I am very proud of all my students. We are a family. People say that Thiaguinho (Tavares) is my grandson, "because it is" son "of Murilo.

Recently you get dressed the kimono fight the South American. How was this emotion to come back to fight, win and be applauded by all standing gym, then the problem of health that you had?
It was a very strong emotion. Life is a challenge, and people like these things fighter has to overcome the challenges. I had a very serious pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas. I was operated several times, had to take the gallbladder and I was 8 months in the hospital in that died-not-die, that confusion. I lost 30 kg and was looking a skull. My friends come visit me and when I opened the door they took a fright. Some cried, others get disguise and said I "was well." But Thank God that warrior mentality of the Jiu-Jitsu saved me, helping me to get out of that. I was imagining that the hospital had a huge guy wanting me get anyway (tapping me out), in that case was the disease. But I had the patience to wait for the right time, given that "hips move" and escape (laughter).

You as the first developer of the sport in Florianopolis, went through all phases of Jiu-Jitsu here. How do you see the growth of our sport in our city?
I am very proud to have contributed to what the Jiu Jitsu is today. The well that the Jiu-Jitsu is doing to people. I see many people living from Jiu-Jitsu, several family fathers living their life from Jiu-Jitsu, something that was difficult to imagine before.

And do you think you will remembered here in Floripa in about 50 years?
I think with affection. I have great respect and affection with people I meet. And we get that in return. I hope to remember me that way. I am humble, so for me is always good, everything is great (laughter). This is my way of living.

Do you have children?
No. But I am Murilo, Mexican, Thiaguinho, all this troop of Double Attack academy are my children.

Then send a message to them.
I love you, I think I don't need to say this, I say it all day. I train with them every day. I put the kimono and I fight, that's my life.

To conclude, where does Tonicão gives lessons today?
I give classes in Academia Forma, in Lagoa da Conceicao. Mon, Wed and Fri I pull the training, and Tue and Thu I'm going to train with the guys. Sometimes I go to the Centre, to Mexican's academy, and Racer at Trinidad, where Lobinho gives lesson.

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First BJJ Black Belt from Tahiti

auckland bjj

According to a poster in NZ Grappling Forum Face book group, I do not qualify for the list of New Zealanders who hold the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I did all my BJJ training since white belt in Auckland for the past ten years.


I have a NZ citizenship but I was not born here.

Since I am not a Kiwi black belt, I will claim my heritage as I was born in Pirae, Papeete, Tahiti about 40 years ago.

I believe I am the first Tahitian who hold the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I usually travel to Tahiti once a year to see my parents in Punaauia.

So if anyone in Tahiti wants a seminar or would welcome me for a class or two, please contact me.

Also, if someone in Tahiti already got a legit BJJ BB, I will happily retract my self claim of being the first Tahitian who hold the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


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Saturday, 29 June 2013

First aid course

auckland bjj
We went for lunch after the open mats.

Stu went for his Korean vegetarian meal.

Serge had for his usual Chinese pork soup but forgot to eat because he dreamt about his next gi company plan.

We hit back Douglas santos BJJ for our first aid course with CPR.

Security Medical Services (SMS) provided us with the training.

They will come to your martial art club as well.

They can provide NZQA assessors to train and certify your staff or club members in Workplace First Aid, or First Aid refresher courses.  Their instructors are trained by ProMed (Pro+Med) Medical Services (NZ) Limited and can issue the relevant unit standards (6400, 6401, and 6402)  Thei staff have trained a wide variety of clients but can share their daily experiences from their current involvement in the emergency service sector.

First aid training and open mats

We hit the Douglas Santos BJJ mats for our usual Saturday open mats at 11 am.

Heaps of guys strolling in, as usual you pick your partner to roll with as time goes by.

A lot of blue and purples belt as usual and 3 boys from Epsom chapter turned up.

Wes managed to berimbolo a dude 30 kilo heavier than after clocking a night shift working the doors on the viaduct Auckland.

The guys in the picture are both purple belts, Benjamin and Corey.

Corey is the kids instructor for Douglas. Kid class are on Saturday from 10 to 11 am.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Training report: turtle attacks

We train our take down on crash mats. The topic of the day way turtle. Beginners was three ways to back take and subs. Advanced techniques was the dreaded Peruvian necktie, darce choke, anaconda.
Training was concluded with rolling from stand up and grounds. 
Welcome to our new member Igor from brazil. 
Also congratulations to Gene and Luan on their academic achievements: Certificate in Freight Forwarding,  
Well done!
auckland bjj

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Training Report: New Crash Pad, Double leg Takedown, Turtle escapes

auckland bjj epsom brasilian jiu jitsuToday we tested the new crash mat.
So double leg takedowns was in order.
Then turtle escape.
Rolling from turtle known as situational rolling.
Concluded with normal rolling

auckland bjj epsom brasilian jiu jitsuauckland bjj epsom brasilian jiu jitsuauckland bjj epsom brasilian jiu jitsu

Double guard pull, anyone?

auckland bjj

Listening to a Judoka lamenting about the state of Judo made me think about the current state of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu.

The problem was that the IJF took away most of his favourite newaza in their competition.

Of course, there is nothing new about the fact that most Judokas are against the new IJF rules.

In F12 (a notorious grappling forum on, where we waste our time responding to trolls and bashing on nogi guys), judokas keep repeating similar information and even worse:

"Do not let the IBJJF take your BJJ to the Olympic games and turn it into something useless for the sake of making the sport more spectacular to the public!".

I think BJJ will never make it to Olympic level. The sport is too clannish and controlled by a few people.

The grass seems always greener on the other side of the fence.

I read about this problem but hearing about it face to face reminded me of my pet peeve with my cherished Jiu Jitsu: its lack of stand up.

Is BJJ is going downhill as well? but on the other side of the hill.

While Judo competition has too much stand up, BJJ competition has too much ground.

In BJJ, the older generation are now complaining of the lack of "stand up" in their competition. Meaning, no one is fighting for the take down and people are just pulling guard (left, right and centre) until the cows come home.

In the lighter divisions, both competitors pull guards and no one accepts the hard and dangerous task to stand up and take control of the fight by attempting the pass the guard.

It is grotesque: lack of fighting for the take down and refusal of taking top position.

As soon as both fighters make contact, they both sit on their bums. It reminds me of fainting goats.

Why is that?

BJJ instructors are to be blamed. They never teach stand up or even know how to train stand up.

We all had been through that process. Always rolling from our knees, then 2 weeks before a competition we drill one take down. The day of the comp, you turn up on the mats with shaking knees.

Have we just over specialised in our ground skills?

Statistics for recent IBJJF competitions showed that the person that pulls guard and scores first has the highest percentage to win.

There you have it, the stats don't lie. You want to get some medals, train to become a winner! Do not learn how to do throw/take down people, do not learn how to play a crushing top position or even pass the guard. Learn how to pull guard, sweep and stall for the win by leading with 2 points or a meagre advantage. Best case scenario, a berimbolo to back take.

The double guard pullers fans would say that they rather see the fight straight to the ground instead of watching some boring stand up from 2 BJJ guys.

I would have to agree as it is as boring as watching 2 grapplers trying to KO each other in an MMA fight.

It isn’t going to happen.

So what can you do about it apart writing blog and threads on F12?

It is not like anyone and any organisation has the power to make the IBJJF change their rules to force competitors to fight for the takedown.

There is one thing we learn from Judo is that less rules is better than more rules. It takes time to decipher the new rules changes and implement them.

Well, IBJJF is no better; they might not change their rules often on paper. But, interpretations of their rules keep changing and competitors/coaches are never informed.

Only the refs are told which leads to massive verbal abuses and heated arguments at your local competition.

Official statement: it is the fault of the coaches and competitors for not keeping themselves updated with the new variations. How do you that? Attend their ref clinic which is only hosted the night before their competition.

Supporters of the double pull guard, 50/50 guard and spaghetti guard (a derogatory term to describe leg pummelling which is a vital, unknown and secret technique) would always claim that such high level competitors are skilled fighters and could take anyone down and finish them if they wanted to.

I am not going to disagree with them.

The problem is that what happens when a beginner decides that these are the only techniques he is going to learn and master.

Are you creating a new generation of Jiu Jitsu competitors that cannot fight for a takedown or are too scared to take top position?

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Upcoming Tournaments: 17-18 AUGUST 2013 – BJJ Gi Adults & Kids (Auckland).

You can now book your diary for the next BJJ competition (Auckland, New Zealand)

I think saturday 17 august 2013 will be the adult day and sunday will be the kids day.

The event is always well run, heaps of prices.

IBJJF rules and points systems (no advantages rules for this one however).

For more details:

for IBJJF rules link

Pronunciation for BJJ 101 (free tip):

While training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you will come across words, names in Portuguese that have some interesting pronunciation.

When r is the first letter of the word or when you have rr, the sound is always like h in 'house'.

So Ronda Rousey would be Honda Housey.

Barra would be Bahha.

Sorriso (smile) would Sohhiso.

Ronehunga would be Onehunga (just kidding).

Interesting Triangle escape from Jason Scully

This is an interesting Triangle escape that I will have to try out at our next session.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Auckland university judo club mid-winter dinner party

Stu and myself were invited to their mid-winter party. It was hosted at the Tanuki restaurant on queen street. For $45, I had prawns, oysters, tuna and salmon sashimi, chicken, steak, dessert and one large beer.
Brilliant deal. 
I spent the evening discussing techniques and learning strategies. 
I learned an interesting kimura grip which was taught at the kodokan. 
Be a good mate and don't let your team mate fill up his own beer glass. Such tradition must lead to some epic drinking session. 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday 22 June training notes

So we went to Douglas Santos BJJ open mats.
The majority of the guys were blue, purples and black belts. 
There were only two white belts present. John was the youngest student. 16 years and 94 kg. 
I had a couple of rolls with Douglas, Stu. 
Gene took the opportunity to roll with everyone.

After training, we went for lunch at the posonby
 international food court. I had some nice traditional Vietnamese spring rolls. 
We spoke about training in Florida with the Tonicao jiu jitsu team. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

54 Technique video from Draculino BJJ

I really like these short compilation videos because I feel that they give a good overview of a variety of techniques and allow you to stop and review anything you find interesting.

Also I like Techno on a loop.

Dojo Etiquette

auckland bjj brazilian jiu jitsu new zealand epsom
Hi all as our new gym is a Judo Dojo its owner (our landlord) Sensei Littlewood has asked us to respect a modified form of Judo Etiquette at the beginning and end of the class.

Class Start:

All students below black belt level are to line up at the bottom side of the Dojo next to the entrance, with highest ranking students on the right. Students will then sit on their knees in the seiza position. Black belts will line up on the right hand side of the Dojo and instructors will line up on the top side of the Dojo.

The senior ranked student will say,
Sensei ni rei
everyone will do a kneeling bow, stand up and the class can start.

Class End:

Students will line up as at the beginning of the class in seiza (kneeing).

The senior student will say,
everyone will close their eyes and quietly mediate on how they performed at training and think about what they can do better.
Mokuso yame
everyone opens their eyes and stops meditation.

Sensei ni rei
everyone will do a kneeling bow
Otagai ni rei
everyone will bow to each other.

Then we will stand and do the traditional Brazilian handshake to end the class.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday Training Notes

Ouchi Gari (Large inner reaping).

Basic guard pass, the de la riva for the advanced students.

Then rolling from stand up.

Open mats from 11 am on sat at Douglas santos BJJ
auckland bjj brazilian jiu jitsu new zealand epsom