Dojo Etiquette

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Hi all as our new gym is a Judo Dojo its owner (our landlord) Sensei Littlewood has asked us to respect a modified form of Judo Etiquette at the beginning and end of the class.

Class Start:

All students below black belt level are to line up at the bottom side of the Dojo next to the entrance, with highest ranking students on the right. Students will then sit on their knees in the seiza position. Black belts will line up on the right hand side of the Dojo and instructors will line up on the top side of the Dojo.

The senior ranked student will say,
Sensei ni rei
everyone will do a kneeling bow, stand up and the class can start.

Class End:

Students will line up as at the beginning of the class in seiza (kneeing).

The senior student will say,
everyone will close their eyes and quietly mediate on how they performed at training and think about what they can do better.
Mokuso yame
everyone opens their eyes and stops meditation.

Sensei ni rei
everyone will do a kneeling bow
Otagai ni rei
everyone will bow to each other.

Then we will stand and do the traditional Brazilian handshake to end the class.



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