Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Training Report - Judo trio throws and the forgotten Closed Guard With Overhook Lapel Grip

Auckland BJJ
Drop Seo Nage is not that great for your knees
Light warm up

Fundamentals for the beginners

The Trinity for the advanced students:

It is the combination of 3 Judo techniques that Rodolfo like hitting at competition until the cows come home

Drop seo Nage.

Kouchi Gari

Ouchi Gari

I especially like the way he breaks the balance of the opponent by pulling so hard (also known as walking the dog). Breaking the balance is vital to set up a good throw, it is known as Kuzushi in Judo.

The ground part of the class was the forgotten close guard with overhook lapel grip.

auckland bjj
It is a great guard that can be use for nogi as well: keep the posture broken down, sweeps, omoplata, chokes, triangle and arm locks.


Friday, 26 July 2013

Training Report - Kouchi Gari (Small Inner Reap) - Turtle Attacks

training report
Levitation training
Our usual warm up.
Techniques of the day:

Kouchi Gari (small inner reap)

Turtle Attacks
Clock choke,
Bow and arrown from turtle
Darce Choke

30 minutes sparring:
usual 2 minutes stand up and 3 minutes ground

That is all.

Oh yeah, Asahi Beer for cool down.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

US Judo Olympian Travis Stevens to compete at the Copa Podio de Jiu-jitsu ( Middleweight Grand Prix, on September 8)

auckland bjj

American Travis Stevens will be competing at the famous Copa Podio de Jiu Jitsu.

It will be for the Middleweight Grand Prix on Saturday 8 September 2013. Compatriot American Keenan Cornelius will also take part. Australian Kit Dale from Check Mat will complete the trio of talented foreigner competing in Brazil.

I don’t think that making a new sport is a good idea,” Stevens answers. “Each sport needs to have its own identity. You get BJJ and judo any closer, we wont know the difference. But there are things a judo player can take from BJJ and things a BJJ player can take from judo. If you’re going to be great at one sport you need to take things from both, otherwise there will be holes in your game that people can exploit.”.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

US Marine takes on a BJJ girl in a grappling match

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then is a video worth a million?

I will let you decide by watching this video that demonstrates how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu works:

A smaller person defeating a bigger person.

Pitty about the illegal slam at the end but she still got the submission.

The girl’s name is Taylor Briscoe of Sante Fe BJJ.

It seems that her club must located near an army base.

Training Report

auckland bjjOur usual warm up for 20 minutes

Techniques of the day: Ouchi-Gari also known as major inner reaping.

We did 15 minutes of repetitions

Please click on below link for more information on this throw

 Then we did 2 half guard sweeps.

Training was concluded with our usual 4 rounds of sparring which consist of 2 minutes stand ups and 3 minutes ground. also known as Tachi Waza and Ne Waza in Judo Terminology.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Aemil Palm - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Free Techniques - Curacao

Aemil is a young student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

He is 13 years old from Curacao. 

Yellow belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu
Orange belt in Judo
Practice muay thai kickboxing

NOTE: This video series is not intended for instructional purposes
This video shows how to be a badass using the rather awesome move, The Flying Triangle Choke, which is in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu arsenal.

 NOTE: This video series is not intended for instructional purposes
This video shows how to be a complete badass using the 3rd Judo shoulder throw, the Kata Guruma. Maybe I'll start a new series.... not a bad idea.

NOTE: This video series is not intended for instructional purposes
This video shows how to be a badass with probably the most awesome move in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu arsenal, the flying armbar
Shit, did I just get knocked out by a punching bag?
If you like his videos, please subscribe to
I will add his rolling knee bar video asap.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

First aid course part 2 - A feeling of impending doom may be present

In the good old days, Japanese Jiu Jitsu masters were also healers.So we decided to take the day off from strangling each other and trying to rip limbs from their joints and learn to be a healer or at least be able to attend to someone injuries while the ambulance is on its way.


As Martial artist and instructor, it is important to keep ourselves updated with our first aid skills.

The second part of the program covered:

Heart Attack
Fractures and dislocations
Sprains and Strains

Tip of the day:
Sign of an heart attack = A feeling of impending doom may be present.

 Security Medical Services (SMS) provided us with the training.

They will come to your martial art club as well.

They can provide NZQA assessors to train and certify your staff or club members in Workplace First Aid, or First Aid refresher courses.  Their instructors are trained by ProMed (Pro+Med) Medical Services (NZ) Limited and can issue the relevant unit standards (6400, 6401, and 6402)  Their staff have trained a wide variety of clients but can share their daily experiences from their current involvement in the emergency service sector.


Free BJJ Tip of the Day: Tap Early

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Training report

Warm up.
Topics of the day: double leg takedown, arm bar from guard and arm bar defence. 
Rolling: 4 rounds of 5 minutes sparring: 2 minutes stand up, 2 minutes ground, 1 minute stand up. 
Picture of the day was from the last competition. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Master Douglas Santos (3 Degree Black Belt) Seminar in Brasil at Tonicao Jiu Jitsu

Douglas completed his seminar at his Team HQ: Tonicao Jiu Jitsu.

See below for info on this icon and pionner of Jiu Jitsu in Floripa.

Douglas hometown is  Floripa (nickname for Florian√≥polis) where he trained BJJ before migrating to New Zealand.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition - August 17th (Adult)

This would a good competition to enter.
I expect lot of teams travelling to AUckland to participate.
Steve told me that he is planning to use 6 areas of tatame mats.
It also be hosted into a stadium.


The Trusts Stadium, Henderson, Auckland

Link to register

Entry Fee:
NZD 50.

Weight Categories:

Up to 55 KG

Up to 60 KG

Up to 66 KG

Up to 74 KG

Up to 84 KG

Up to 96 KG

Up to 120 KG

Over 120KG

I understand that weight in will be without the gi.


The first link will have to be the IBJJF website

auckland bjj - ibjjf rules - competition

Then you have list of videos to watch

Then once you read the rules and watch the videos, there are 2 extra links.

Both sites are run by Shane Poppleton.

The advantages with Facebook is that he would reply really quickly.

Good luck.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Training Report

Techniques of the day:

Guard Pull and Tomoe Age

Guard passes (Double underhook stack pass, stand up leg drag pass).


Couple of rounds of takedowns and rolling from our knees.

See you at open mats on Saturday.

Please see below link for the competition on Saturday 17 august.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Promotion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

auckland bjj epsom , new zealand
A few students have been enquiring in the past so it is only fair that I have a write up about the carrots of Martial Arts (the belts).

Each belt comes with a black tab, you will receive up to 4 stripes on each belt.

BJJ is notorious for waiting for a long time between belt so it is nice to receive one stripe once in a while (Hint, it usually happens during graduation time every 6 months which are traditionally held in June and December).

However, we do give stripes outside the graduation ceremony.

To be honest, I would rather have one grading ceremony per year so we can just concentrate on training instead.

It is not required to have the complete 4 stripes in order to move to the next belt.

The complete 4 stripes does not guarantee you that you will be promoted automatically to the next belt as well.

Your instructors will discuss and assess the students during training and will decide who is ready to do the exam for the next belt. It is mostly a formality than a test. We like to promote you during graduation ceremonies which are held twice a year. Of course, we will make expectation and can grade you outside the usual grading ceremony. However, Stu does not want me to promote you during the Xmas BB party.

In the recent years, it seems the minimum time requirements are shortening as per the IBJJF website.

I would rather keep it more traditional and would like students staying longer at each belt.
I am talking about one stripe per 6 months of regular training. 4 stripes equals 2 years, then you are due for the following belt on the next graduation.
It would mean 2.5 years per belt, 10 years to Black Belt.

It is not that bad but I have even seen worse: proud white belt students bragging about being training for 4 years, blue belts training for 6 years etc..

I must admit that such stingy policy has many disadvantages. Sometimes it is the fault of the instructor and sometimes, they don't have an instructor to promote. I don't really want to criticise someone else grading system. It seems that the higher you go up the ranks in Martial Arts, the more you are required to criticise others.

So be consistent in your training attendance, get a black tab on your belt (otherwise we can't give a stripe). If you cannot attend grading ceremony, you will award your stripes during normal classes instead.

Hopefully, it should not take you 10 years to your BJJ Black Belt.

Ps: red tab is for instructor only

As you can see in below, minimum time requirements are different.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Training report

auckland bjj
Sacrifice throw from the single leg take down to mount.
Topic of the day: guard sweeps. Hip bump sweep, flower sweep, pendulum sweep, scissor sweep, wing sweep. 
30 minutes rolling from the knees. 
auckland bjj

New Zealang Girl Grappling Group - Winter Camp 2013

In F12, the topic of Women on the mats and do your training group support them on the mats came up.

So I decided to do a little write up about last week end event.

As we all know, most NZ BJJ clubs have 1-2 women training and they have to train with the rest of the men as usual.

I don't think there is a woman only BJJ class in Auckland or in New Zealand at the moment.

However, there is a woman only Judo class at Epsom every Wednesday: 5-6 pm, Auckland University Judo, 6 Woodhall Road, Epsom, Auckland.

So the BJJ girls decided to get together.

They host each others on regular basis at their own open mats.

Something that we don't see much in the BJJ community: Training together beyond the club nucleus.

So last week-end, they had another successful camp where they spend 3 days together hosting numerous BJJ instructors from different clubs.

A great idea and movement which I hope all instructors are supporting by encouraging their students to attend.

They also attended a netfit class at

I will just conclude by adding a few pictures.

for more info about NZ girl grappling group.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Study Video of Rodolfo Vieira Throws by BJJ Scout

BJJ scout has some fantastic videos where he breaks down the specific games and techniques of famous BJJ competititors.

I suggested you become familiar with his youtube account.

See below link for more information on Rodolfo

In the following video, he breaks down Rodolfo Vieira throws.
Rodolfo is re known for his throws and how he applies them successfully of BJJ competitions.
In this video, BJJ scout covers:
Morote Seoinage
Kouchi Gari
Ouchi Gari.

If you want to read more info on throws from BJJ scout.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Judo International Competition on SKY SPORT (NZ) for the months of July and August

Time to record if you have a sky recorder (and come train BJJ with us) or just watch it on Sky Sport:

auckland bjjGrand Prix, Abu Dhabi - Thursday - 04/07/13 - 18:00 - SKY Sport 1

Team World Championships, Bahia - Thursday - 11/07/13 - 18:00 - SKY Sport 3

Grand Prix, Qingdao - Thursday - 18/07/13 - 18:00 -  SKY Sport 3

Grand Slam, Tokyo - Thursday - 25/07/13 - 18:00 - SKY Sport 3

Grand Slam, Paris - Thursday - 01/08/13 - 18:00 - SKY Sport 3

Grand Prix, Dusseldorf - Thursday - 08/08/13 - 18:00 - SKY Sport 2

Grand Slam, Samsun - Thursday - 15/08/13 - 18:00 - SKY Sport 3

Grand Prix, Baku - Thursday - 22/08/13 - 18:00 - SKY Sport 3

World Masters, Tyumen - Thursday - 29/08/13 - 17:30 - SKY Sport 1

37 Omoplata Set Ups In Just 4 Min - Jason Scully / Matt Kirtley

Yet another technique video this time on the Omoplata from guard, inverted guard, mount etc.

I especially like when they move their but to the side to collapse the uke to put on the technique.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Training report

auckland bjj
Sweep 101
Today topics:
  • Hip throw also known as o goshi
  • Side control and knee on belly. 3 submissions. 
  • Guard pass for beginners. 
  • 30 minutes rolling. 
auckland bjj

Interesting logos in the back of the club

Team picture after training


Clinch work to hip throw

Training on the crash pad