First aid course part 2 - A feeling of impending doom may be present

In the good old days, Japanese Jiu Jitsu masters were also healers.So we decided to take the day off from strangling each other and trying to rip limbs from their joints and learn to be a healer or at least be able to attend to someone injuries while the ambulance is on its way.


As Martial artist and instructor, it is important to keep ourselves updated with our first aid skills.

The second part of the program covered:

Heart Attack
Fractures and dislocations
Sprains and Strains

Tip of the day:
Sign of an heart attack = A feeling of impending doom may be present.

 Security Medical Services (SMS) provided us with the training.

They will come to your martial art club as well.

They can provide NZQA assessors to train and certify your staff or club members in Workplace First Aid, or First Aid refresher courses.  Their instructors are trained by ProMed (Pro+Med) Medical Services (NZ) Limited and can issue the relevant unit standards (6400, 6401, and 6402)  Their staff have trained a wide variety of clients but can share their daily experiences from their current involvement in the emergency service sector.


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