New Zealang Girl Grappling Group - Winter Camp 2013

In F12, the topic of Women on the mats and do your training group support them on the mats came up.

So I decided to do a little write up about last week end event.

As we all know, most NZ BJJ clubs have 1-2 women training and they have to train with the rest of the men as usual.

I don't think there is a woman only BJJ class in Auckland or in New Zealand at the moment.

However, there is a woman only Judo class at Epsom every Wednesday: 5-6 pm, Auckland University Judo, 6 Woodhall Road, Epsom, Auckland.

So the BJJ girls decided to get together.

They host each others on regular basis at their own open mats.

Something that we don't see much in the BJJ community: Training together beyond the club nucleus.

So last week-end, they had another successful camp where they spend 3 days together hosting numerous BJJ instructors from different clubs.

A great idea and movement which I hope all instructors are supporting by encouraging their students to attend.

They also attended a netfit class at

I will just conclude by adding a few pictures.

for more info about NZ girl grappling group.


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