Training Report - Judo trio throws and the forgotten Closed Guard With Overhook Lapel Grip

Auckland BJJ
Drop Seo Nage is not that great for your knees
Light warm up

Fundamentals for the beginners

The Trinity for the advanced students:

It is the combination of 3 Judo techniques that Rodolfo like hitting at competition until the cows come home

Drop seo Nage.

Kouchi Gari

Ouchi Gari

I especially like the way he breaks the balance of the opponent by pulling so hard (also known as walking the dog). Breaking the balance is vital to set up a good throw, it is known as Kuzushi in Judo.

The ground part of the class was the forgotten close guard with overhook lapel grip.

auckland bjj
It is a great guard that can be use for nogi as well: keep the posture broken down, sweeps, omoplata, chokes, triangle and arm locks.



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