US Judo Olympian Travis Stevens to compete at the Copa Podio de Jiu-jitsu ( Middleweight Grand Prix, on September 8)

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American Travis Stevens will be competing at the famous Copa Podio de Jiu Jitsu.

It will be for the Middleweight Grand Prix on Saturday 8 September 2013. Compatriot American Keenan Cornelius will also take part. Australian Kit Dale from Check Mat will complete the trio of talented foreigner competing in Brazil.

I don’t think that making a new sport is a good idea,” Stevens answers. “Each sport needs to have its own identity. You get BJJ and judo any closer, we wont know the difference. But there are things a judo player can take from BJJ and things a BJJ player can take from judo. If you’re going to be great at one sport you need to take things from both, otherwise there will be holes in your game that people can exploit.”.



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