Thursday, 29 August 2013

The History of Gracie Jiu Jitsu Belt System by the Valentes Bro video

auckland bjj
This is an interesting video from the Valentes Brothers that discusses Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Both brothers trained under Helio Gracie from a very young age and produce videos which covers topics on the history of Gracie Jiu Jitsu which are often not covered by modern sport BJJ academies.

subscribe on their you tube account



Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Training Report: Double leg takedowns and Guard Passes - Bull fighter guard pass (Toreando) and Knee slicer

Light warm up.
auckland bjj
Picture from last competition

Throw of the day was the double leg takedown.

The variation demonstrated was the technique where you do NOT

drop your knee on the mats.

Why? Because you cannot drop your knee on hard concrete just in case you decide to power double someone in the streets.

Then we did some basic guard passes. How to break the guard on your knees, then pass with the bullfighter guard pass (known as Toreando) and the reliable knee slicer.

Why the name of bull fighter?
"That means you can then start to move their legs in several directions. Side to side will set you up for perhaps the most simple version of what is known as the toreador or 'bullfighter' pass (also called the toreana, toreada, toreando and matador, among other names. Google tells me the Portuguese for bullfighter is in fact 'toureiro'). The reason it has that name is because in this context, your opponent is the bull: your aim is to turn their legs into the red flag. "

Subscribe BJJ scout on youtube as he has great technical breakdown videos.


Training concluded with some rolling from standing.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Amazing New BJJ technique: The new inverted neck scooting

auckland bjj

Hate or like it, it is a topic that leave no one sitting in the fences.

What do you think of butt scooting?

No longer realistic for fighting due to possible stomps to the head or neck injuries due to vigorous sprawls on your inverted guard.

Check out this inverted neck scooting with a sick inverted Triangle

Andris Brunovskis vs Christopher Broudnax 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

To GI or NOGI: that is the question!

The terminology Gi stand for training in the Kimono/gi.

gi or nogi

To train in a gi or nogi is always a controversial topic that get debated in grappling forums in the internet.

To understand its relevance and impact, one needs to look at the origin of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

To start with. we will never know what exactly what was taught by Maeda to Carlos Gracie back in 1914!

All we know is that Carlos only trained 3 years under Maeda and went on to open his Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in Rio later on.

So to start with, you have the Gracie Jiu Jitsu as the main lineage from Maeda as the most famous and successful school in Brazil.

Maeda also taught others Brazilians as well.

In fact, you have the lineage of Fadda which is Jiu Jitsu as well.

Unsurprisingly, the Judo Federation of Brasil also claim Maeda as their pioneer.

The reason is simple: Jiu Jitsu and Judo was the same thing back then.

In Brazil, they love training in Gi.

I don't think you will find an academy that would offer nogi classes there.

Nogi is used for describing training without a gi.

I think Nogi training in BJJ schools started outside of Brasil.

Of course, you have the Luta Livre in Brasil who are defined as submission grapplers that do not train in a gi.

One could think that Luta Livre is from Catch Wrestling.

Especially in the US, we now can see BJJ academy offering as much NOGI classes as GI classes.

Why such a change?

MMA is popular and students prefer training in shorts and rash guard.

It also implies that without GI, you do not have all the negative aspects of the traditional martials arts and their belt/ranking systems.

Now the problem with NOGI is that it was originally not a term used to describe BJJ training without a GI.

NOGI was the umbrella term used to describe anything else that was realted to submissions grappling and did not belong to BJJ.

It is possible that it as a rebel movement against the popularity of BJJ and especially against the monopoly that BJJ schools claimed in the grappling industry/world.

One person would start doing some submissions moves/classes and would get snobbed by gi wearing BJJ fans/instructors. They would have to come up to a common reply: Vade Retro pyjamas wearer, we are doing NOGI, nothing for you to judge us on.

The biggest problem I guess is such umbrella term would attract fakes and create legitimacy to frauds.

Why do I care about some random fake instructor teaching bad or good techniques to some kids in their garage?

Does he deserve the attention of the BJJ police?

No way, we already got enough problem policing on our own fake BJJ black belts instructors anyway.

Now back to nogi, it became the pot pourri of submission grappling.
It is not a degarotory term by all means, it just meant you could expect to see every submissions possible especially the one illegal under the IBJJF rules..

If you did IBJJF illegal techniques such spinal lock, neck crank, heel hook, twisting knee bar, people would just refer it as nogi as it is illegal in IBJJF and you are not wearing a gi.

So it became ok to do anything in NOGI.

So obviously for such reasons, nogi became this art where anything would be allowed (well apart striking).

NOGI is like UFC without striking!
Well that is a cool story, bro.

Why not? I like the idea.

And that would be the end of this post but IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) saw an opportunity in the nogi market.
Lot of paying customers wanting to compete without a kimono.

Clever move to adapt to a new opportunity.

They started running their own nogi IBJJF World Cup competition  (using the same rules and belt systems of their gi competitions).

So now we have a competition for BJJ guys that is in nogi.

The question is what is this going to lead us to?

It is a nightmare for instructors like myself.
I have limited training in nogi.
Thank God, it is not my job and I just teach as a hobby.
We have to make some space in our training timetable for this style of training.
Lucky for us, the competition rules don't change.

It might be good for attendance as we might be able to attract and retain students that are not particularly excited to wear a gi.

Now we are face with the dilemma on how to form and train the next generation of BJJ Black Belt that have skills in gi and nogi?

Is there going to be more Jake Shield out there?

Jake Shield is a famous MMA fighter.

But he is also a Cesar Gracie Black Belt that only trained 4 hours in a gi.

Once thing is clear, we need to adapt and modify to survive.

If nogi is what the new generation wants to do, then so be it.

My guess is it is better to be nogi BJJ Martial art than a dead BJJ art.

Once thing that we learned and appreciate from the Gracie Jiu Jitsu was the relevance to fighting.

Can you imagine in 20 years time when new students would come up to the class and announce that they found some BJJ books with pictures of people wearing a funny uniform?


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Training Report: Uchimata and Ko uchi Gari - Back Escape - Search of the picture for the billboard is over

auckland bjjLight warm up and stretches to ease back

into training after last weekend competition.

We work on Uchimata as our primary throw.


I like Uchimata a lot especially because you can use it to counter leg grab such as single leg.

Uchimata seems to be difficult to finish as you can have to hop around on one leg forcing your opponent to lose balance.

Such hop around is known the Ken Ken.
I read that Ken Ken was supposed to be Can Can.
You need to watch French Can Can at the Moulin Rouge to understand the analogy.

If you are tired of doing the hop around, you can switch to Ko Uchi Gari or Tai Otoshi.

Uchimata to Ko Uchi


Ko Uchi to Uchimata to see the difference

I prefer Ko Uchi Gari over the dreaded Tai Otoshi.

The reason being that Tai Otoshi is usually applied with massive leg strike to uke knee instead of just blocking uke ankle.

The ground topic of the day was back escape.

The class concluded with 4 rounds of rolling and a beer.

Also, we have finally found our picture for our billboard.
Thanks to Fernando Pissini for allowing us to use his picture and congratulations on your gold medal.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Training in Fiji

While I am Fiji for the 40th reunion of my high school I decided to visit the South Pacific Judo Centre in Nabua. This gym is run by the Takayawa family and has produced many international level judo players.
Training was hard in the heat and humidity and I was a little scared when I saw the climbing ropes hanging from the ceiling as I had seen a high school squad in Japan go up and down the rips for 10 minutes for warm up. In the end we didn't use them but we did do;
Warm up exercises
Uchi komi
Moving uchi komi ending with a throw
4 rounds of newaza
5 rounds of tachiwaza
That was really enough for me, but I'll be back on Thursday.

NZ Grappler BJJ GI Comp 17/08/2013

Luan Ellery

White belt under 96kg 1st fight.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Auckland BJJ Competition - Sat 17 and Sunday 18 august 2013

The event was held at the Trust Stadium in Henderson, Auckland.

It was by far the biggest competition held in NZ in terms of participating competitors.

We are talking about 180 competitors.

The event over run over 4 mats areas.

First were 4 black belts competing.

Then the brown belts division was disputed in 3 matches.

The purple division had 23 matches split over 5 weight categories

The blue belt division had 49 matches split over 6 weight categories.

The  white belt division had 97 matches split over 6 weight categories.

Some of the lighter weight in the white belt division had 5 pages of draws.

Who ever won such division has to fight at least 5 times!

So it was a long day for the competitors and the hard working officials that did a great job.

The prices were great.

 2 x Samsung Galaxy SIII 16 GB Mobile and some rolling mats for the winners of black belt and brown belts division.

The kids also has some remote control helicopters and many raffles prices including including a brand new X-box.

The kids competition was packed as well.

It was great to see so many teams participants from all around New Zealand. I am talking about at 25 different teams just looking that the list of the medallists. I am sure they are lot of more teams as well that did not get medals.

So yes, it is a clean bill of health for NZ BJJ by looking at the numbers and variety in terms of teams and locations.

 Really looking for the next event which will even bigger as I expect that nogi format would attract lot more competitors.

There is also rumours of MMA event held during that weekend with the nogi finale absolute held in the cage. The winner will get a free ticket to compete NOGI in USA.

It might be too much to organise in one weekend in my opinion. But still is a good idea to promote nogi grappling to the 

2-3 NOVEMBER 2013 – No-Gi Nationals Adults & Kids (Auckland)

NZ Grapplers BJJ Tournament - Winners List
Published on 18 August 2013 at 1:49 PM, Pacific/Auckland
Division1st2nd3rdTied 3rd or 4th
OPEN >> WOMEN Blue-Purple
Alessandra Moss
Gym 101
Amy Barratt-Boyes
Adult Gi >> White >> up to 66 kg
Matt McMeeking
Sorriso BJJ Club
Mathew Natad
Southern Tribes Aotearoa
Kit Jex-Blake
Southern Tribes Tairawhiti
Jamie Zhu
Adult Gi >> White >> up to 74 kg
Sam O'Loughlin
Sorriso BJJ Club
nathan pickery
Morgan Teasdale
Sorriso BJJ Club
Jericho Aramov
Douglas Jiu Jitsu
Adult Gi >> White >> up to 84 kg
Theophile Poizat
Southern Tribes Aotearoa
ChangHun Choi
Tu Kaha
Mike Wong
Oliver MMA
Mark Vari
Pacific MMA
Adult Gi >> White >> up to 96 kg
Russell Tangiwai
Allegiance BJJ
Stacy Waikato
Core MMA/Ground Control
Ross Anderson
East Coast BJJ
Allegiance BJJ
Adult Gi >> White >> up to 120 kg
Juraj Zahorec
Douglas Jiu Jitsu
Mataio Ieremia
FPF Jiu Jitsu
Steveni Warby
City BJJ
Richie Ioane
Clinch BJJ
Adult Gi >> White >> Over 65 kg
Aleksandra Pashina
Southern Tribes Manawatu
Brittany Newell
Roundhouse Gym
Cassie Walker
Southern Tribes Tairawhiti
Elissa Dunn
Submission MA Auckland
Adult Gi >> Blue >> up to 66 kg
Daniel van den Berg
GroundControl Hamilton
tony candido
Oliver MMA
Adult Gi >> Blue >> up to 74 kg
Xing Hua Tan
Ben Te tai
Oliver MMA
Pramith Waidyaratne
City BJJ
Abdel-Hameed Dabbour
City BJJ
Adult Gi >> Blue >> up to 84 kg
Comrie Keenan
Te Kura Awhio
Nick Webb
Te Kura Awhio
kenton rusbridge
Auckland MMA
James Young
Oliver MMA
Adult Gi >> Blue >> up to 96 kg
james dobbs
City BJJ
Michael Wallace
Submission MA Auckland
Brent Shadbolt
graeme marukore
Crolin Gracie/JR Macgyver
Adult Gi >> Blue >> up to 120 kg
Sonny Te Wao
Oliver MMA
Charlie Harris
Oliver MMA
Aaron Davys
Oliver MMA
Jason Fowler
Oliver MMA
Adult Gi >> Blue >> Over 65 kg
Kim Hancy
Sorriso BJJ Club
Amy Barratt-Boyes
serina cole
Submission MA Auckland
Krissy Pettman
Oliver MMA
Adult Gi >> Purple >> up to 66 kg
Mark Sloane
Douglas Jiu Jitsu
James Sullivan
Alessandra Moss
Gym 101
Adult Gi >> Purple >> up to 74 kg
Adam Johnson
City BJJ
Philip Brown
Oliver MMA
Nick Ovens
Submission MA Auckland
Scott McLeod
Gracie Gym
Adult Gi >> Purple >> up to 84 kg
fernando pissini
Douglas Jiu Jitsu
Ryan Nortier
Oliver MMA
gordon Redwood
Oliver MMA
Adult Gi >> Purple >> up to 96 kg
Andre Santos
Sorriso BJJ Club
Cam Steer
Axis BJJ
Anaru Grant
Tu Kaha
adam dent
Oliver MMA
Adult Gi >> Purple >> up to 120 kg
Vaughan Antonio
Southern Tribes Aotearoa
Warren Setu
GroundControl Auckland/Clinch BJJ-MMA
Marlon Hodges
Allegiance BJJ
Adult Gi >> Brown >> up to 84 kg
Patrick Te Tau
Rafael Almeida Santos
Sorriso BJJ Club
Warren Lambert
Submission MA Auckland
Adult Gi >> Black >> up to 120 kg
Fernando Junior
Tu Kaha
Fabio Durello
Grifo Jiu Jitsu
serge morel
Douglas Jiu Jitsu
Stuart Mitchell
Douglas Jiu Jitsu
Maria Koosache
Oliver MMA
Nikau Thatcher-Greer
Southern Tribes Tairawhiti
Ashley Nesbitt
Oliver MMA Strikeforce
Lana Kelly
Oliver MMA
Jaeden Brown
Oliver MMA
Connor Glew
GroundControl Auckland
Arama Campbell
Oliver MMA
Vincent Hunt
Brasa New Zealand
Kaige Brown
Oliver MMA
Dante Hihi
Southern Tribes Aotearoa
Ashton Nevin
Brasa New Zealand
Anton te Dorsthorst
Oliver MMA
Josh Kruger
Brasa New Zealand
Ryder Williams
Oliver MMA
Crue Williams
Oliver MMA
Paora Joseph
Gracie Barra Tauranga MMA
Megan Nesbitt
Oliver MMA Strikeforce
Haamiora Joseph
Gracie Barra Tauranga MMA
Zairon Savaka
Oliver MMA
Shannon O'Brien
Oliver MMA
Corban Glew
GroundControl Auckland
Emma Nesbitt
Oliver MMA Strikeforce
Te Ariki Berryman
Gracie Barra Tauranga MMA
Shikera Lucas
Brasa New Zealand
Te Kawakawa Hika
Gracie Barra Tauranga MMA
Kiahan Simons-Tipau
Oliver MMA
Corbin Howlett
Oliver MMA
Carlos Hihi
Southern Tribes Aotearoa
Kauri Thatcher-Greer
Southern Tribes Tairawhiti
Angel Apaapa
Gracie Barra Tauranga MMA
Gabe Wharepouri
Matthew Dobbyn
Crolin Gracie/JR Macgyver
Paki Ormsby
Gracie Barra Tauranga MMA
Grayson Burgess
Sorriso BJJ Club
Kyle Mccamish
Oliver MMA
Jackie HUNT
Brasa New Zealand
James Seumanutafa
GroundControl Auckland
Aidan Kelly
Oliver MMA
Ethan Welsh
Brasa New Zealand
Liam McGowan
Oliver MMA
Lori Kelly
Oliver MMA
jay-jay wilson
Oliver MMA
Forrest Bedford
Gracie Barra Tauranga MMA
Hannah Oliver
Oliver MMA
Destiny Momoisea
GroundControl Auckland
Juliet Saul
Tu Kaha
Faith Ray
Ratanui Beazley
Kit Jex-Blake
Southern Tribes Tairawhiti
Justin Bu
Auckland MMA
Allegiance BJJ
Tyler Smith
Allegiance BJJ
Jaden O'Dea
Oliver MMA
Carston - Haze Fraser
Oliver MMA
Pit Vorster
Oliver MMA
William Chao
Oliver MMA South Auckland
Brayden Johnson
Gracie Barra Tauranga MMA

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Training report: Questions and Answers

auckland bjj
Arm bar
Light warm up, we did roll flow to open our game
 and test techniques that we usually do not use
when we roll full on.

Topic of the day was Questions and Answers.

Every 6 weeks, we like to ask the students what type of
questions they have so you can address their issues
on a more detailed and specific appproach.

see below some you tube videos that are relevant to the questions.

Training concluded with situational rolling from guard.

Roll call for the competition: stu, serge, luan, mark and Jose. Tomorrow is your last day to register


see below details

BJJ Gi Tournament with IBJJF Scoring

Registration ends 11:59pm Thursday 15th August (REGISTER ONLINE)

This is your last chance to register for this NZ Grappler's first ever Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi touranment 17-18 August 2013. Registration is $60 for Adults and $50 for kids. The deadline for all registrations is 11:59 pm Thursday 15th August. This will be one of New Zealand's biggest BJJ Gi tournaments to date. Don't waste any more time thinking about it and register now or you'll miss out. The location will be at the TRUSTS STADIUM, 65/67 Central Park Dr, Henderson, Auckland 0610. Click here for Google Maps directions.

IBJJF Scoring Rules

NZ Grappler will be awarding IBJJF Scoring and Penalties described in their official Rule Book. Click here to download the IBJJF Rulebook. The only scoring that this event will NOT execute is the advantage scoring. This is NZ Grappler's first event using IBJJF rules, so we want to make first sure the referees are used to the primary scoring before using the Advantage system. Coaches, please make sure you read the rule book to understand the rules because we won't have time to have a rules meeting prior to the competition.

BELT Divisions: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown/Black

MEN Weight Divisions (all weights are WITHOUT Gi on)
  • up to 55 kg
  • up to 60 kg
  • up to 66 kg
  • up to 74 kg
  • up to 84 kg
  • up to 96 kg
  • up to 120 kg
WOMEN Weight Divisions (all weights are WITHOUT Gi on)
  • up to 65 kg
  • over 65 kg
KIDS Weights (4-16 yrs)
  • Kids will be grouped on the day of event with the closest weight and skills.

Match Durations
  • WHITE Belt: 5 minutes
  • BLUE Belt: 6 minutes
  • PURPLE BELT: 7 minutes
  • BROWN/BLACK: 8 minutes
  • ALL KIDS: 3 minutes
  • 2 x Samsung Galaxy SIII 16 GB Mobile ($999 value)
  • Remote Control Helicopters
  • Other mobile phones
  • and more!

Saturday 17 August 2013 (Adult competition)
  • 10-11:30 am: Weigh ins for all adult competitors (reception area)
  • 12:30 am: Competition begins
Sunday 18 August 2013 (Kids competition)
  • 8-9 am: Weigh ins for all kid competitors (reception area)
  • 10 am: Competition begins
A full schedule will be posted online on Thursday evening.

Last Qualifier Event for Grapplers Quest Trip

This tournament is the last qualifier competition event for the Grapplers Quest Prize Package in November's NO GI Nationals. You must have competed in one of NZ Grapplers tournament in 2013 (not including the November 2013 tournament) in order to compete for the Men's Absolute division for Grapplers Quest Prize Package in November.


If you coming out of town for this event, and are in need of free accommodation, contact Steve Oliver 021 239 2896 for arrangement to stay overnight at Oliver MMA.

Coming Up

17 – 18 August
Auckland NZGrappler GI tournament

2-3 November
Auckland NZGrappler NO GI Nationals **QUEST TICKETS UP FOR GRABS**
Location – TBA

Mark your calendars and plan ahead because you wouldn’t want to miss your chance at competing among the best in New Zealand!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Training Report: Counter the sprawl and mount retention and escapes - Technical Stand Up from the guard

Quick warm up.

auckland bjj
Epsom best looking BJJ instructor

Couple of drills for countering the sprawl.

Topic of the day was the mount. best position in BJJ (4 points).

I also found a really good video from which covers the technical stand up from the guard.

It is a topic which I covered couple of weeks in the past.

You do not have to be playing guard all the time.

Especially in a fight, you are better off getting up instead of being at the bottom.

Even in a competition, your opponent is running the clock as he is leading by points, get up.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Training report: takedown and guard Passes drill, Ezekiel submissions

auckland bjj
We take our Jiu Jitsu very seriously!

Light warm up.

Topic of the day was focused on competition training.

Takedowns and guard pass drills.

Guard Pass techniques for the beginners.


Ezechiel Chokes for intermediates.


Guard Pass rolling.

Then our usual 5 minutes sparring (2 minutes stand up, 3 minutes ground).

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Training report - Takedowns drills - IBJJF competitions rules - 3 minutes competition sparring

auckland bjj
nice arm bar
Thursday 01 August Training:

as we are getting closer to the competition,

 we are adapting our classes to prepare ourselves.

Each person drilled their favourites take downs.

We discussed IBJJF rules. see link for more details.

Then the students sparred competition points for 3 minutes.

They also took turn referring as well.

This is the link to register for the competition.

Don't bother cutting weight unless you are within 1 kilo.

Also weight in will be in the morning without the gi.

 Up to 50 kg, 60, 66, 74, 84, 96, 120and over 120.

aucland bjj

auckland bjj
Aynone pulling guard?

auckland bjj

auckland bjj
Stu supervising webber referring

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kimura All Day Long

Kimura is one of the most devastating submissions.

I love it especially because it gives me control and can be used to GI and NOGI.

Just the name itself is an awesome story.

It was named after Judoka Masahiko Kimura who broke Helio Gracie shoulder during a challenge match in 1949 (64 year ago) using a reverse ude-garame.

In Judo, this submission is known as reverse ude-garame.

In catch wrestling, it is known as reverse keylock or chicken wing/double wrist locks.

Please see below this excellent demonstration from Roy Dean as he explains the difference level of skills and application of the Kimura submission.