Training Report: Double leg takedowns and Guard Passes - Bull fighter guard pass (Toreando) and Knee slicer

Light warm up.
auckland bjj
Picture from last competition

Throw of the day was the double leg takedown.

The variation demonstrated was the technique where you do NOT

drop your knee on the mats.

Why? Because you cannot drop your knee on hard concrete just in case you decide to power double someone in the streets.

Then we did some basic guard passes. How to break the guard on your knees, then pass with the bullfighter guard pass (known as Toreando) and the reliable knee slicer.

Why the name of bull fighter?
"That means you can then start to move their legs in several directions. Side to side will set you up for perhaps the most simple version of what is known as the toreador or 'bullfighter' pass (also called the toreana, toreada, toreando and matador, among other names. Google tells me the Portuguese for bullfighter is in fact 'toureiro'). The reason it has that name is because in this context, your opponent is the bull: your aim is to turn their legs into the red flag. "

Subscribe BJJ scout on youtube as he has great technical breakdown videos.


Training concluded with some rolling from standing.


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