Training report - Takedowns drills - IBJJF competitions rules - 3 minutes competition sparring

auckland bjj
nice arm bar
Thursday 01 August Training:

as we are getting closer to the competition,

 we are adapting our classes to prepare ourselves.

Each person drilled their favourites take downs.

We discussed IBJJF rules. see link for more details.

Then the students sparred competition points for 3 minutes.

They also took turn referring as well.

This is the link to register for the competition.

Don't bother cutting weight unless you are within 1 kilo.

Also weight in will be in the morning without the gi.

 Up to 50 kg, 60, 66, 74, 84, 96, 120and over 120.

aucland bjj

auckland bjj
Aynone pulling guard?

auckland bjj

auckland bjj
Stu supervising webber referring


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