Training Report: Uchimata and Ko uchi Gari - Back Escape - Search of the picture for the billboard is over

auckland bjjLight warm up and stretches to ease back

into training after last weekend competition.

We work on Uchimata as our primary throw.


I like Uchimata a lot especially because you can use it to counter leg grab such as single leg.

Uchimata seems to be difficult to finish as you can have to hop around on one leg forcing your opponent to lose balance.

Such hop around is known the Ken Ken.
I read that Ken Ken was supposed to be Can Can.
You need to watch French Can Can at the Moulin Rouge to understand the analogy.

If you are tired of doing the hop around, you can switch to Ko Uchi Gari or Tai Otoshi.

Uchimata to Ko Uchi


Ko Uchi to Uchimata to see the difference

I prefer Ko Uchi Gari over the dreaded Tai Otoshi.

The reason being that Tai Otoshi is usually applied with massive leg strike to uke knee instead of just blocking uke ankle.

The ground topic of the day was back escape.

The class concluded with 4 rounds of rolling and a beer.

Also, we have finally found our picture for our billboard.
Thanks to Fernando Pissini for allowing us to use his picture and congratulations on your gold medal.



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