BJJ NOGI Competition - IBJJF RULES - SAT 2 NOV 2013

You can now register online for the biggest BJJ Nogi Competition in Auckland, New Zealand.

 Make use of the early bird option and save $10 if you register before  Saturday 26 October 2013.

Closing of the registration: Wednesday 30 October 2013

You can now start your diet to aim for your weight category.

They will be using IBJJF rules but no advantages rule and also no belt system (just 3 divisions of beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions for all weight classes).

I expect some of the divisions to have over 25 competitors as per their last competition.

So plenty of fights to get the gold medal. Get that cardio ready for November.

NZ Grappler’s NO-GI NATIONALS is the largest grappling competition in New Zealand.
Don’t miss your chance to challenge yourself among the best of New Zealand.
This year’s 2013 event will be awarding the Men’s Absolute division grand-prize winner a free trip to Las Vegas USA to compete at Grappler’s Quest in 2014 (IMPORTANT: You must have competed in an NZ Grappler tournament in 2013 to qualify for the Absolute grand prize).

The event will take place at the TRUSTS ARENA in Henderson, Auckland 2-3 November 2013. Adults will compete on Saturday 2nd November, while kids 16 years and under will compete on Sunday 3rd November.


Until 11:59 pm Saturday 26 October 2013
Adults: $50
Kids: $40

Until 11:59 pm Wednesday 30 October 2013
Adults: $60
Kids: $50

We will need to charge spectator fees to cover the costs of renting the venue. The TRUSTS ARENA has proven to be an excellent venue for the event, so we would like to continue to provide the best venue for our competitors.
Adults: $10
Kids: $2

Competition is for both kids and adults of all levels and from all academies. There will be Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions for all weight classes.
The adult weight classes in kilograms (kg) are:
MEN: 55, 60, 66, 74, 84, 96, 120, over 120
WOMEN: 65, over 65
This year’s NO GI rules will be the same as IBJJF without use of the advantage scoring.
Moving forward, all NZ Grappler’s tournaments will use IBJJF rules and scoring.
We are getting better with adaptation of the IBJJF rules with each event, which helps prepare all our competitors for international BJJ and grappling tournaments.

Oliver MMA is opening its gym for overnight stay if you are travelling from out of town to compete at the 2013 NO GI NATIONALS.
If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact Steve Oliver at 021 2392896.


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