Thursday, 5 September 2013

Technique of the week: Peruvian Necktie (with lapel)

auckland bjjYou got to love Martial arts when old techniques get "rediscovered" all the time.

Yarden Gerbi pulled a beautiful submission to win Gold at the Judo World Championship which was held in Rio de Janeiro.
She used her own lapel to choke out her opponent
In BJJ, it usually reffered as the Peruvian Necktie (with a lapel).

In Judo, it is called Suso Jime .
I am not even sure if it is legal after reading so much controversial posts on the internet.

My guess is that we should just re called it the Israeli Necktie for the lapel option.

Please see below a list of videos relevant to the topic (which I found on F12).

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