Tokyo day one.

Well here I am in Tokyo to compete in the 2013 Asian masters. Today we decided to weigh in in the morning as some people were worried about their weight and wanted a chance to eat something.
Weigh in was at 9am at the Kodokan, the home of Judo. It was a pretty cool building with 3 floors of mats each 4 competition areas big.
I easily made weight at 97kg for the under 100 category. And everyone else made weight too, though some people had not been eating for 2 days.
Then we went and rode the roller coaster near Tokyo Dome. Where Dmitry caused a security alert because he snuck his camera onto the roller coaster. After all the mall cops were scrambled to move people out of the way of the falling camera the sent someone up to remove the camera from him before they let us continue the ride.

After that brush with the law we went to Roppongi to check out the view from 50 floors up.
I went back to the hostel to do some work and to have a nap. I turned up to the Kodokan at 18:00 to see the rest of the team weigh in and to have some dinner.


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