Training report: inverted guard, hip bump sweeps, straight ankle lock and other leg locks

Usual one step sparring for warm up.
auckland bjj

Our classes follow a teaching system based on positions.

The first class is mount

The second class is back

Thirsd is side control, knee on the belly, north south

4: guard pass

5. guard sweeps

6. guard submissions

7. top 1/2 guard

8. bottom 1/2 guard

9. Turtle

10. Q & A

The topic of the day was questions and answers.

Every students get to a question and the instructor answers.

Question 1 was the inverted guard.
Size and back problem can make it difficult for the larger players.
However, it is a great guard for avoiding getting your guard passed.
Lot of the lighers are reknown for this modern sport BJJ guard.


Question 2 was the hip bump sweep.
The details are in the posting of the hand (and not the elbow) and raising your hips higher than the opponent hips.
Tip: hips as high as his face.

Question 3 was leg locks.
We compete under IBJJF rules and usually spar using their rules.
Therefore, only straight ankle lock until you get your brown belt.
I demonstrated other leg locks for the students so they can understand the different techniques.
We will slowly introduced them later on but at the moment, students are only allowed straight ankle locks.
When it comes to leg locks, no one sits on the fence,
You either like them or dislike them.
I discussed some of the reasons why they are disliked.
Loss of position in case you failed at your submission.
But also, if we did train them from an earlier stage (white belt), people would be more efficient at finishing with such submissions. Making the first theory invalid!

Well train safe.



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