Thursday, 26 September 2013

Training report: Turtle

auckland bjjWe did one step roll for warm up.

The exercise consists of each training partners taking turns making one move at at time against each other.

It has to be done at about 50% resistance.

It forces students to think about their moves ahead of time and stop using strength and aggressiveness.

It is very similar to playing chess.

The topic of the day was the turtle position.

The turtle position is to used when you are about to get your guard passed.

You will give up an advantage instead of 3 points.

From the turtle, you can reverse the position or recompose the guard.

Please note that you can only reverse from the turtle position (meaning you cannot 2 points for the sweep, it is not considered a guard.

A guard has to be from your legs.



Training concluded with rolling from the knees.

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