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Stu's Flying Armbar 2013 Judo Nationals.

Stu went to compete at the 2013 New Zealand Judo Nationals which were held in Wellington. It is very nice flying arm bar for a person that is 100 kg and has a injured knee. At, you can train 2 BJJ classes and 4 Judo classes per week for only 18.50 per week. You can compete in Judo and BJJ as well. Become a complete grappler.

Training Report: Guard Subs

We did some guard pass drills for warm up. The topic of the day is Guard Submissions. Stu taught the trinity of the guard subs: arm bar, triangle bar, omoplata. It is most problably the most popular combination of subs from the guard. Training was concluded by a shark tank where fresh training partner will jump in every 2 minutes. It was great to see Jose back training after his injury. Stu is off to Wellington for the Judo National. Good Luck. PS: No gi on Tuesday from Now On. We also have an additional a Nogi training on Thursday 31 oct for our competitors getting ready for the competition on saturday 2 NOV.

Draculino BJJ - Is BJJ guard relevant for self defense? - Part 2 : Ball Grabbers

this is the response of Draculino when a person said that the BJJ guard is not realistic for self defense because they can grab the balls!

2013 ADCC Final Results

2013 ADCC Final Results ADCC 2013 UNDER 66KG RESULTS Semi Finals Winner Loser Result Rafael Mendes João Miyao Points: 2×0 Cobrinha Justin Rader Points Final & 3rd Place Fight Bronze 4th Place Result Justin Rader João Miyao Points Champion Vice Champion Result Cobrinha Rafael Mendes Referee Decision ADCC 2013 UNDER 77KG RESULTS Semi Finals Winner Loser Result Kron Gracie JT Torres Armbar Otavio Sousa Leo Vieira Points Final & 3rd Place Fight Bronze 4th Place Result JT Torres Leo Vieira n/a (injury?) Champion Vice Champion Result Kron Gracie Otavio Sousa Guillotine ADCC 2013 UNDER 88KG RESULTS Semi Finals Winner Loser Result Lovato Junior Pablo Popovitch Points Romulo Barral Keenan Cornelius Points Final & 3rd Place Fight Bronze 4th Place Result Keenan Cornelius Pablo Popovitch Injury Champion Vice Champion Result Romulo Barral Lovato Junior Points ADCC 2013 UNDER 99KG RESULTS Semi Finals Winner Loser Result Dean Lister Origins part One

Actually, we  started our club in Nov 2011 in Onehunga. David Tua and Gus Lam are running a gym called kamp Tuaman across the dressmart shopping mall. Our original days of teaching were Monday and Wednesday. But we changed it to Tuesday and Thursday after a poor attendance on Mondays. Who wants to train on Monday night anyway? You get tired from your first day back at work, the last thing you want to do is training. Actually, we trained in a cage and you can see it in some of the older pictures. We recycled some old mats and put some news black canvas on them. The mats were from the Auckland University Judo Club for a case of craft beer. There is some epic V pictures thought the years of our humble club. You can see me wearing a purple belt with an instructor red tab in some of the older pictures. If you want to get fit and do some boxing, we recommend Kamp Tuaman

BJJ Scout Bsides: ADCC China - Braulio Estima v Andre Galvao Superfight

another great video from bjj scout

World Jiujitsu Expo 2013

Budovideos will be showing live online.  $14.99 Saturday and $14.99 Sunday or Saturday and Sunday for $24.99. Some big names will be competing. Super fights so far! SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9TH Caio Terra vs Nam Pham (No-gi) Romulo Barral vs Leandro Lo (No-gi) Rafael Lovato vs TBD Samuel Braga vs João Miyao (gi) Efrain Escudero VS Phillipe Nover (No-gi) SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10TH Rousimar Palhares VS Dean Lister (No-gi) Jake Shields vs TBD (No-gi) Paulo Miyao vs Jon Fitch (No-gi) Lucas Leite vs Keenan Cornelius (No-gi) Bruno Malfacine VS Jeff Glover (No-gi) Brown Belt Grand Prix - Sixteen of the best brown belts hand picked by Renzo Gracie Featuring: Michael Liera Jr. Marco Andre Max Bohanan Inacio Neto Travis Stevens Timothy Spriggs Rafael Henrique Thiago Sa Silva Darrah OConall Manuel Diaz Pedro Monnerat Bruno Cupari Arnaldo De Oliveira Shiloh Roberts Bruno Iglesias Rodrigo Barbosa Black Belt Grand Prix - Sixteen of the best black belts hand picked by Renz

João Miyao Crab Ride Position - Submission Grappling (No GI)

Another great video detailing the latest techniques from Miayo bro. This is why Jiu Jitsu is so amazing with new moves created every year. Another good videos to watch are bjj scout.

Training report: Knee on the belly and osoto gari

This week, we covered the topic of Knee on the belly over 2 classes. Knee on the belly gives 2 points if held properly for 3 seconds. We covered far side arm bar, near side arm bar, couple of chokes, americana and kimura. For warm up, we did a couple of drills for guard recomposition for the turtle, reversal from side control and turtle as well. The throw of the week was osoto gari. training concluded with 2 minutes stand up and 3 minutes grounds. We now will training Nogi every Tuesday. Have a good weekend.                    


This is a controversial topic not only in New Zealand BJJ but all around the world People either hate it or love it. What is it? Basically, you walk down the line while your teamates whip you with their belts. In some club, you can run and some other would make you crawl on your fours. One thing for sure, it hurts. Does it make you a better person? Hell no. Is it fun if you are not the recipient? Hell yes. When I started training, I thought that was fun and different. But now after participating in the gaunlet for over 20 times, it is getting old and blase. Actually, I see people posting their whipping video in the facebook and it just makes think how silly it looks like from the outside. The bad new is that Stu still wants to maintain this tradition. Bad luck, boys!                

My thoughts on the Results: BJJ Psychology - Motivations for training

While in New Zealand, we do have much survey on BJJ, I came across this awesome research. Please check out their website for more info, I just posted a few information from one page only. Hopefully, it will help you understanding your students better. This is a topic that is not so relevant to because both instructors have a full time jobs and teach as a hobby. We are happy running our little club and increasing our students base is not our main priority. This is not how we put food on the table after all. But thought the years, I have seen BJJ schools growing and some others declining within the same city and country. The question was always: why? Who can we blame? I am not a big believer into creating a fake image or even worst trying to convince a paying customer of signing up for something that he does not want or will not motivate him. If having fun and being fit is the most important, but you insist on MMA and competing BJJ, you are likely to have

BJJ Auckland Competition (nogi) getting nearer

Just a quick reminder as the early bird entry fee is getting nearer.                                              Save $10 by registering before11:59 pm Wednesday 30 October 2013.                    Normal price will apply until closing date which is  Wednesday 30 October 2013 Kids are on Sunday 3 November Adults are on Saturday 2 November For details regarding the competition. Book now for the biggest competition in Auckland but the whole New Zealand as well.

Inside BJJ Podcast - #101 Renzo Gracie and Alan "Gumby" Marques

I like listening to Inside Podcast. I wish one day I could start one for not only Auckland BJJ but the whole New Zealand BJJ scene as well They do talk a lot before playing the interviews. Some people enjoy the banter talk and some find it annoying. I don't like the banter talk, I love it. The topic for this week is bond to be freaking awesome and I wanted to share it: Renzo Gracie and Alan "Gumby" Marques (Ralph Gracie BB). I also like their logo and copied the idea for the patch.    

Training Report: Uchimata and side control

Usual warm up and some berimbolo drills. Jordan (Judo black belt instructor) demonstrated Uchimata (European version) which is you turn uke around instead of hoping foward as the usual uchimata ken ken. Just in case you wonder, uke is the term used for the training partner you demonstrated the technique on. Ground topic of the day was side control and escapes. Couple of situation rolling from side control Training concluded with normal rolling.

Rousimar Palhares “done” with UFC after heel hook incident

You can see in that video that Palhares let go of the submission once the ref called the stoppage. Do you think it he was guilty and deserved to get lose his UFC contract? After his second heel hook incident during his UFC tenure, new welterweight Rousimar Palhares has been cut from the UFC. Palhares submitted Mike Pierce with the dreaded submission in just 30 seconds at UFC Fight Night 29 on Wednesday night. Despite scoring the only submission on the card, Palhares was denied a $50,000 submission of the night bonus by the UFC for “unsportsmanlike conduct.” Dana White promised that additional punishment would be coming for Palhares, and on Wednesday White told ESPN that Palhares was done with the UFC. He also compared Palhares to Paul Daley, who was banned from the organization after sucker-punching Josh Koscheck in 2010. As mentioned, it’s the second such incident of Palhares’ UFC career. He was suspended 90 days for failing to release the same hold on Tomasz Drwal in 20

Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Miyao at World Jiu-Jitsu Expo

BJJ is getting more and more popular. The World Jiu Jitsu expo is now getting MMA fighters to do super fight against BJJ competitors. Add Jon Fitch (Guerilla Jiu Jitsu Black Belt) to the super fight schedule for the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo next month in Long Beach, Calif. Fitch will go against BJJ world champion Paulo Miyao in a 20-minute submission only match, Renzo Gracie told Newsday on Thursday. "He's a fighter," Gracie said. "I couldn't believe when we offered him such a tough opponent, he took it right away and not even a question." Two weeks prior to the expo, Fitch is scheduled to fight Marcelo Alfaya at World Series of Fighting 6 in Miami. Gracie also said that Rodolfo Vieira, who was supposed to fight Kron Gracie, had to pull out with an injury.  A new opponent for Kron Gracie is still in the works. For more info on the expo, try .            

Michelle Nicolini BJJ Seminar in Auckland, Saturday 7 December 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013 2:00pm until 5:00pm 6x World BJJ Champion Michelle Nicolini of Checkmat comes to Central Auckland for a 3 hour seminar from 2-5pm on Saturday 7th December. Thank you to Fernando Junior of Brazilian Training Academy for graciously providing his gym to accommodate Michelle's seminar. The seminar will be at BTA's new location in December: Brazilian Training Academy 65-73 Parnell Rise Auckland (Central) ... NEW ZEALAND Michelle is one of today's most revered female BJJ competitors, and is an icon to all aspiring female grapplers. The 3 hour seminar will cost $75 per person, and is open to both men and women. Ladies who have attended a NZGG open mat or camp will receive a $10 discount. Michelle is also available for private lessons. There is a $20 discount per hour if you attend the 3-hr seminar. Here is her pricing for private lessons, which will be held at Auckland MMA. **Private hour Prices WITHOUT seminar** $120 per p

Training Report - Berimbolo, Uchimata, Back escape and Submissions from back control

Allright, we did some berimbolo drills for warm up. The throw of the week is Uchimata. Then we taugh a simple and efficient back escape. It was followed with 5 submissions from back control. Situational rolling from back control and then normal rolling.                            

International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation - Hall of Fame – Female

Who is your favorite? Hall of Fame – Female Gabrielle Lemos Garcia Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 7 Hannette Quadros Staack Country: USA Gi World Titles: 7 Leticia Ribeiro Neves dos Santos Country: USA Gi World Titles: 7 Michelle Zonato Nicolini Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 7 Bianca Andrade Barreto Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 6 Luanna Alzuguir Marton Moraes Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 5   Kyra Gracie Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 4  

Black belt certificate from the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF)

I just received my black belt certificate from the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation(which is signed by Carlos Gracie Jnr). The international Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is the major and most prestigious governing body for Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) that hosts several of the biggest tournaments in the world, including the World Jiu Jitsu Championship, Nogi World Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship and European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship. The federation was created by Carlos Gracie Jr, who is the head of one of the largest Brazilian jiu-jitsu associations, Gracie Barra. The IBJJF is directly connected to Confederação Brasileira de Jiu-Jitsu, sharing its rules and regulations.

International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation - Hall of Fame – Male

Pretty cool to see that the IBJJF has now a Hall of Fame!   Become a Member List of Black Belts Black Belt Certification Hall of Fame – Male Roger Gracie Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 10   Alexandre Couceiro Ribeiro Country: USA Gi World Titles: 6   Bruno da Silva Malfacine Country: USA Gi World Titles: 5 Marcelo Garcia Vespúcio Country: USA Gi World Titles: 5 Robson Moura Fonseca Country: USA Gi World Titles: 5 Saulo Mendonça Ribeiro Filho Country: USA Gi World Titles: 5 Fabio Gurgel Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 4 Marcus Vinícius Oliveira de Almeida Country: USA Gi World Titles: 4 Roberto Magalhães Junior Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 4 Rodolfo Vieira Srour Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 4 Rômulo Claudio Barral Country: USA Gi World Titles: 4 Royler Gracie Country: BRA Gi World Titles: 4 Rubens Charles Maciel Country: USA Gi World Titles: 4