Origins part One

Actually, we  started our club in Nov 2011 in Onehunga.
auckland bjj
David Tua and Gus Lam are running a gym called kamp Tuaman across the dressmart shopping mall.

Our original days of teaching were Monday and Wednesday.

But we changed it to Tuesday and Thursday after a poor attendance on Mondays.

Who wants to train on Monday night anyway?

You get tired from your first day back at work, the last thing you want to do is training.

Actually, we trained in a cage and you can see it in some of the older pictures.

We recycled some old mats and put some news black canvas on them.

The mats were from the Auckland University Judo Club for a case of craft beer.

There is some epic V pictures thought the years of our humble club.

You can see me wearing a purple belt with an instructor red tab in some of the older pictures.

auckland bjj
If you want to get fit and do some boxing, we recommend Kamp Tuaman

auckland bjj
auckland bjj
auckland bjj
auckland bjj
auckland bjj


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