auckland bjjThis is a controversial topic not only in New Zealand BJJ but all around the world

People either hate it or love it.

What is it?

Basically, you walk down the line while your teamates whip you with their belts.

In some club, you can run and some other would make you crawl on your fours.
One thing for sure, it hurts.

Does it make you a better person? Hell no.

Is it fun if you are not the recipient? Hell yes.

When I started training, I thought that was fun and different.

But now after participating in the gaunlet for over 20 times, it is getting old and blase.

Actually, I see people posting their whipping video in the facebook and it just makes think how silly it looks like from the outside.

The bad new is that Stu still wants to maintain this tradition.

Bad luck, boys!

auckland bjj
auckland bjj


  1. Ive heard people referring to the jiujitsu community as a cult. But this is all sounding less like a cult and more like a street gang all the time. If you start instructing us to attack other schools students on site, Ill know for sure.
    We'd have to be the first street gang ever though to call Epsom "our patch" hahaha


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