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Training report: Luck of the Irish

What does an Irish man does in his honeymoon in New Zealand? Train at Joke aside, it was great to meet John from Dublin. Tuesday night training was basically a private class with 2 students. I just covered any questions they had as it was the Q&A topic of the program. I taught some mount escapes and arm drag from butterfly guard and heaps more from my personal repertoire. Training concluded with some rolling and guard pass drilling. While Thursday night had a better turn out, I am not sure if the reason is that it is our nogi night. Topic of the day: Arm drag single leg takedown Straight ankle lock sub. Training conluded with 30 minutes sparring. It was a pleasure to watch Judo Paul decimating via ouchi gari. At the moment, we are considering having our last class on Thursday 19 December 2013 and restart on Tuesday 14 January 2014 Stu supervising our single guys dancing class on Thursday night

Helio Soneca BJJ Seminars in Auckland

Helio is Auckland for the week doing 3 BJJ seminars at different locations. Open to everyone Tuesday 26 November at Douglas Santos From 6 pm. Cost is $60. Friday 29 November at Paulo Sorriso From 7 pm Cost $60 No Gi seminar Saturday 30 Novembers at Tukaha from 10 am Cost $60 see our link for website details of each clubs.

Happy Birthday Sensei Littlewood, Judo/BJJ team fight 7th Dec

No lettuce was harmed in the writing of this post We are looking for competitors for a team fight held at the Epsom Dojo on the 7th of December. All fighters welcome, the rules based on Kodokan rules but made more BJJ friendly (more time on the ground, no penalty for drag downs). The fights will be a bit of fun, and all prizes will be boxes of beer. A BBQ and drinks will follow. The fun starts from 2pm on the 7th Please contact Serge or me if you are keen. for comp rules: see

Training report: Igor gets promoted to blue belt

Throw of the day: Tomoe Nage (sacrifice throw). Ground techniques of the day: Tripod sweep, berimbolo and de la riva guard concept. We promoted Igor to blue belt. Usually promotions are held twice a year but Igor is leaving us for x mas holidays next week to his home town Rio de Janeiro. Well done, Igor.            

Reverse de la Riva Guard: A Step by Step Tutorial (+playlist)

Open mats at DS team

Good teaming today at the headquarters! Was really good to see Douglas after his trip to Brazil. Also I got to train with Filipe who I haven't rolled with since he was a blue belt.

Training Report: Tai Otoshi, Guard sweeps (de lar riva and berimbolo)

Topic of the day was Tai toshi for the throw of the day and  guard sweeps. We covered 2 sweeps from de la riva and berimbolo. Situational rolling from open guard Normal rolling. Webber got his second stripes (well done).  drilling judo thows                    

Training Report: Guard Pass - Nogi

Last Tuesday, We did beijao as a warm up drill we covered some guard passes in Nogi. Training concluded with rolling from stand up.  From next week, nogi class will be Thursday and Tuesday will be Gi,              

2013 No Gi Competition Update

Webber got silver medal As expected, the event had a massive turn out with teams from all over New Zealand. Mark had a good match and lost by points against the person that ended up getting the gold medal. Webber got silver medal. Well done. There will be 3 nogi and 3 gi competitions next year organise by NZ grapplers for anyone that wants to compete. Compulsory topless picture for nogi comp 1 Price: plane ticket to USA to compete Adam and Ricky from City BJJ closed out their weigh division in the advanced category 6 mats for this competition Jaime from City BJJ got bronze medal in the beginner division   crowd watching the medals presentation from 2013 NO-GI NATIONALS - Winners List Published on 6 November 2013 at 2:09 PM, Pacific/Auckland Division 1st 2nd 3rd 4th OPEN >> ABSOLUTE MEN dan digby orphans Gareth Ealey Strikeforce Vance Miller Oliver MMA Rya

webber standing RNC at NOGI 2013 comp

Webber proving that standing rnc do work!

Training Report: guillotine, arm drag, single leg takedown and updated 2013 No-Gi Nationals Schedule

This week was 2 classes of Nogi to prepare for the 2013 No Gi Nationas (New Zealand - BJJ rules) We concentrated on guillotine subs and defense, single leg takedown and arm drag. Mark and Webber will compete on Saturday. Good luck, boys! From next week, we are going back to our normal spring program: Nogi on Tuesday and Gi on Thursday     2013 No-Gi Nationals Schedule   SATURDAY 2 NOVEMBER 2013 8 am Weigh in begins for Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginners 9 am Cut off for Advanced weigh ins. 10 am Advanced and Absolute matches start. (Absolute registration closes after all Advanced matches complete) 11 am Cut off for Intermediate weigh ins. (Medals and Awards for Advanced and Absolute before Intermediate starts) 12 pm Intermediate matches start. (Intermediate Open registration closes after all Intermediate weight class matches complete). 1 pm Cut off for Beginners weigh ins. (Medals and Awards for Intermediate before Beginners start) 2 pm Beginner