Training Report: guillotine, arm drag, single leg takedown and updated 2013 No-Gi Nationals Schedule

auckland bjjThis week was 2 classes of Nogi to prepare for the 2013 No Gi Nationas (New Zealand - BJJ rules)

We concentrated on guillotine subs and defense, single leg takedown and arm drag.

Mark and Webber will compete on Saturday.

Good luck, boys!

From next week, we are going back to our normal spring program: Nogi on Tuesday and Gi on Thursday

2013 No-Gi Nationals Schedule
8 am Weigh in begins for Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginners
9 am Cut off for Advanced weigh ins.
10 am Advanced and Absolute matches start.
(Absolute registration closes after all Advanced matches complete)
11 am Cut off for Intermediate weigh ins.
(Medals and Awards for Advanced and Absolute before Intermediate starts)
12 pm Intermediate matches start.
(Intermediate Open registration closes after all Intermediate weight class matches complete).
1 pm Cut off for Beginners weigh ins.
(Medals and Awards for Intermediate before Beginners start)
2 pm Beginner matches start.
(Beginner Open registration closes after all Beginner weight class matches complete).
(Medals and Awards for Beginners at the end)
We are aiming to complete the event by 5pm.


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