Training report: Luck of the Irish

auckland bjjWhat does an Irish man does in his honeymoon in New Zealand?
Train at
Joke aside, it was great to meet John from Dublin.

Tuesday night training was basically a private class with 2 students.
I just covered any questions they had as it was the Q&A topic of the program.
I taught some mount escapes and arm drag from butterfly guard and heaps more from my personal repertoire.
Training concluded with some rolling and guard pass drilling.

While Thursday night had a better turn out, I am not sure if the reason is that it is our nogi night.

Topic of the day:

Arm drag
single leg takedown
Straight ankle lock sub.

Training conluded with 30 minutes sparring.
It was a pleasure to watch Judo Paul decimating via ouchi gari.

At the moment, we are considering having our last class on Thursday 19 December 2013 and restart on Tuesday 14 January 2014

auckland bjj
Stu supervising our single guys dancing class on Thursday night


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