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Happy New Year from AUCKLANDBJJ.COM

Thank you for the support. We have been teaching for the past 2 years. We started in Onehunga and we are now located in Epsom. We will be teaching every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 7.30 pm. Our first class will start on Tuesday 7 January 20014. We will be training Nogi every Tuesday and Gi on Thursday. If you do not own a Gi (BJJ training uniform), just come in wear shorts and T-shirt. What can we expect from a 90 minutes class? A light warm-up. We do not turn our warm up into a conditioning class. First technique is usually a stand up techniques which means throws as we do not teach striking. Then the ground technique is based on the position of the day:  So the first class topic is Mount. You learn how retain mount, escape mount, submissions from the mount. Then we do situational sparring based on the position of the day. To conclude, we do normal rolling (sparring) with a difference as we do include takedown sparring which means you start from st

New Zealand Clubs List

 See below for our new page with a list of New Zealand BJJ clubs outside Auckland.

Another fake tradition creeping up in BJJ: OSS!

Another day, another rant. People are now signing their posts with Oss. When it was Karate, I could understand because it is something ingrained in some karate clubs. It is part of the roots for Kyokyshin Karate for example. Sensei said something: you replied Oss. You greet each other at the Dojo "oss" etc... But nowdays, I noticed such tradition has creep into the BJJ world or more like the internet. It is ridiculous to read someone that train BJJ with Oss for its every posts. I suspect they might even Oss each other on the mats. lol Why are they copying someone else traditions? Maybe they are looking at getting TUF. Well anyway a good read on the real OSS below: " The Spirit of Osu 押忍の精神 Osu is the one word that you'll hear the most in a Kyokushin dojo or at a Kyokushin tournament.  When you enter or leave the dojo, you bow and say "Osu".  When you greet a fellow Kyokushin Karateka 空手家 , you say "Osu" instead second match - Under 66 kg - NZ Grappler Nogi 2013 - Webber final - under 66 - NZ Grappler 2013 NOGI Mark match - NZ Grappler 2013

The biggest Mind Trick of BJJ: "Creonte"

Just another post on Facebook, someone is calling out Creonte again:  "Morte para os creontes" "Matamos os creonte" It is getting old and dumb. What is Creonte? If you search the word in the a Portuguese dictionary, you will not find it. Why? Because it is a word that was created on a character of a Brazilian TV show (also known as soap opera). Creonte apparently was the TV character of a shady person that made many deals and back stabbing etc. Needless to say it is a derogatory term used to describe someone that left a BJJ school for another: a traitor. Carlson Gracie Sn takes the credit for the Creonte name as he used it to describe some people that left his school. Unfortunately, the name sticked in the sport and is used all the time by anyone and for any reasons. In a budovideo interview, Draculino mentioned that Creonte term was used for people that train for free and then left. It is interesting to take in consideration that Carl

Graduation - Auckland BJJ - Thursday 19 December 2013

We did takedowns drills for warm up. Techniques of the day was Knee on the belly with an arm bar and cross choke submission. Training concluded with students demonstrating techniques for their stripes. Luan demontrated the blue belt curriculum for his exam and was awarded his blue belt after training with us for the past 2 years. Congratulations to everyone and thanks for your support . We will have a break for 2 weeks and we will start teaching the BJJ classes on Tuesday 07 January 2014. Meanwhile, they will still have Judo classes (as they do not stop training) which our members are welcome to attend during the next 2 weeks.              

Contemplations for Year 2013 - Part 1

We are having our last week of training for this year. Tuesday 17 Dec. and Thursday 19 Dec (GI IS COMPULSORY AS IT IS GRADUATION). We will reopen on Tuesday 7 Jan 2014. The Judo classes still remain open on specific days. I have been busy at work and have not updated the blog as much I would like. Training been going on as usual with our usual program. I always believe that a consistant program will be beneficial to any grapplers. While we are not big on condition, we are big on covering all aspects on grappling. Giving an adequate class for each particular positions was our goal. No longer we wanted to teach via techniques but instead of teaching via positions. We even took the risk to start introducing throws and let people spar from stand up. I admit I do not like sparring from stand up but I will adapt. So what does our program looks like? One take down, position of the day, sparring from the position of the day, sparring from stand up and on the groun

Rick Littlewood Sensei Judo Open

Couples of pictures of the competition.  Great fun to compete in Judo and looking forward to next year event. 

BRAZIL BJJ CAMP - FLORIANOPOLIS - SC 2014 FROM THE 22/03/2014 - 05/04/2014

This is a great opportunity to train BJJ in Brasil. Do not miss out, limited places. Please book with respective representatives (contact info can be found at the bottom of the poster). 2 weeks in Floripa Black Belt instructors 10 days of training with 2 sessions per day private seminar and training at 5 different gyms per week 14 days accommodations 2 meals per days Transportation to and from training and hotel Week ends at the beaches and attractions. Florianópolis ( Portuguese pronunciation: [floɾi.aˈnɔpolis] or [floɾjɐˈnɔpʊliʃ] ) is the capital city and second largest city of Santa Catarina state in the Southern region of Brazil . It is composed of one main island, the Island of Santa Catarina ( Ilha de Santa Catarina ), a continental part and the surrounding small islands. It has a population of 427,298, according to a 2009 Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics estimate, the second most pop

Douglas Santos does well in senior division of melbourne international

WELL DONE Douglas for taking home some silverware from Australia. Melbourne International Heavy weight Champion Gi and no Gi Third Place Absolute Gi and No Gi .