Happy New Year from AUCKLANDBJJ.COM

Thank you for the support.

We have been teaching for the past 2 years.

We started in Onehunga and we are now located in Epsom.

We will be teaching every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 7.30 pm.

Our first class will start on Tuesday 7 January 20014.

We will be training Nogi every Tuesday and Gi on Thursday.

If you do not own a Gi (BJJ training uniform), just come in wear shorts and T-shirt.

What can we expect from a 90 minutes class?

A light warm-up. We do not turn our warm up into a conditioning class.

First technique is usually a stand up techniques which means throws as we do not teach striking.

Then the ground technique is based on the position of the day:

 So the first class topic is Mount.
You learn how retain mount, escape mount, submissions from the mount.

Then we do situational sparring based on the position of the day.

To conclude, we do normal rolling (sparring) with a difference as we do include takedown sparring which means you start from standing.

The topic are rotational and repeat every 6 weeks.

So do  not worry if you miss one class (mount for example), we will cover the particular topic in 6 weeks time. We will cover the topic of Mount position about 9 times per year.

Also, we have one class of questions and answers every 6 weeks when you can ask any questions.

If you want to compete, no problem.

This is the schedule of competitions in NZ:
22 Feb Auckland Nogi
17 May Auckland Gi
23 August Auckland Gi
4 Nov Auckland Nogi

Also, we can compete in Judo competitions as well as we are an affiliate Judo club.

We offer 2 BJJ classes per week and an additional 4 Judo classes per week as well for our members.

Our fees is $18.50 per week and 416.50 per week for students.

Casual class is $15.

Competition is not compulsory.

Come down, have fun, make new friends, get fit, learn a martial art.

If you would like to try Judo or BJJ you are always WELCOME. Simply turn up and get on the mat! We will make it easy for you to learn or return to the mat after an absence.  


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