Monday, 27 January 2014

NZ Girls Grappling Winter Camp 2014

Book your calendar for this great event.

to register, please contact the facebook group.

Facebook event:

Facebook group:

Write up on last year event:

They are looking for expressions of interest from trainers who would like to run a seminar at our NZGG Camp.
There is no payment, but they do try and offer a Koha (not very much)
Unfortunately they can't take all trainers so please don't be offended as they only have a few seminar spots available.
Look forward to hearing from you.

 July 11 at 9:00pm until July 13 at 1:00pm

  • Open to all women from all clubs!
    Where: Oliver MMA (Steve Oliver has once again come to the party and hooked us up with awesome accommodation)
    When: 11th July - 13th July.

    Cost: $150 Early Bird paid before 19th April 2014
    Bring a friend and you and your friend can come for $100 each
    Register and pay after 19th April and cost $200

    No day rates!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

New BJJ Competition for New Zealand: New Zealand BJJ league

auckland bjjIt is hot of the press.

Some more dates for NZ BJJ competitors.

The new NZBJJL rankings serve as a means to rank competitors based on placement in NZBJJL events.
The NZBJJL held its first edition of its All Belts League series in April 19th.

The purpose of the event is to take the highest ranked NZBJJL White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black belt competitors and match them against each other in 3 different Events and 5 different weight categories.

The NZBJJL dates are:

- April....................19th
- July......................19th
- October...............4th

Also will count with a Referee Rules Seminar every Friday prior to the event.

- April.....................18th
- July.......................18th
- October.................3rd

First 3 places receive Medals in every NZBJJL event and at the end of the year the top ranked competitor will receive a big trophy and prizes.

Rules are IBJJF Rules 2014.

More info it will be available soon on

Friday, 24 January 2014

Metamoris 3: 29/03/14 (30/03/14 NZ time) - Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo

It is finally on.

We all have been discussing their first match which Eddie submitted Royler via a triangle for the past 10 years.

Eddie retired from competition and went on to open his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and preach his no gi gospel.

For the new generation that train BJJ, they need to understand that back in the days preaching nogi training instead of gi training was never a popular topic (especially with the old school mentallity).

Well, It is all good.
Eddie Bravo just received his third degree Black Belt from his instructor Jean Jack Machado.

The rumours in the internet is that Royler Gracie is in top shape and ready for action.

What about Eddie Bravo?
Is 3 months notice enough to get back into top physical shape?
The metamoris match lenght is 20 minutes.
It is a long time for the two seniors competitors
Royler is 48 years old.
He runs his academy (Gracie Humaita) out of San Diego.
His latest MMA fight was in 2011.

Eddie is 43 year old. he has not competed since 2003.

Book the event to stream online.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Copa Podio heavyweight (98kg/189.6 lbs.) jiu-jitsu tournament, Feb. 1, 2014

The brackets have been revealed for the upcoming Copa Podio heavyweight (98kg/189.6 lbs.)
jiu-jitsu tournament, scheduled for Feb. 1, 2014 inside the Botafogo Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
As expected, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender Alan Belcher will throw his name into the hat, drawing a first-round match-up against Abu Dhabi standout Faisal Alkitbe.
And it doesn't get any easier from there.
Here is the complete Copa Podio heavyweight grand prix tournament bracket and start times (via Guilherme Cruz):
Special "City Challenge" (3 p.m. ET):
Magid Hage (San Diego) vs. Franco Marini (Buenos Aires)

Opening Round (4 p.m. ET):
(Green) Luiz Panza vs. Tim Spriggs
(Green) Rico Bastos vs. Travis Stevens
(Yellow) Rodolfo Vieira vs. Alexandre Souza
(Yellow) Alan Belcher vs. Faisal Alkitbe

Second Round (4:40 p.m. ET):
(Green) Rico Bastos vs. Luiz Panza
(Green) Leo Nogueira vs. Tim Spriggs
(Yellow) Rodolfo Vieira vs. Faisal Alkitbe
(Yellow) Alexandre Souza vs. Leandro Lo

Third Round (5:20 p.m. ET):
(Green) Leo Nogueira vs. Rico Bastos
(Green) Travis Stevens vs. Luiz Panza
(Yellow) Leandro Lo vs. Faisal Alkitbe
(Yellow) Alan Belcher vs. Rodolfo Vieira

Fourth Round (6 p.m. ET):
(Green) Travis Stevens vs. Leo Nogueira
(Green) Tim Spriggs vs. Rico Bastos
(Yellow) Leandro Lo vs. Alan Belcher
(Yellow) Faisal Alkitbe vs. Alexandre Souza

Fifth Round (6:40 p.m. ET):
(Green) Tim Spriggs vs. Travis Stevens
(Green) Luiz Panza vs. Leo Nogueira
(Yellow) Alexandre Souza vs. Alan Belcher
(Yellow) Rodolfo Vieira vs. Leandro Lo

Semifinals (7:40 p.m. ET):
Match 1: First Green Group vs. Second Yellow Group
Match 2 First Yellow Group vs. Second Green Group

Special Match (8 p.m. ET):

Felipe PreguiƧa vs. Guto Campos

Finals (8:15 p.m. ET):
Third place: Loser Match 1 vs. Loser Match 2
First Place: Winner Match 1 vs. Winner Match 2
The entire Copa Podio event can be streamed live on the promotion's official website (details). For more on how this tournament came together, as well as its inclusion of "The Talent," click here.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Training report: Turtle

The topic of the day was turtle.

The warm up consisted of guard re composition and reversal from the turtle position.

The technique of the day was back take of your opponent is on the turtle position.

The training concluded with 30 minutes of sparring.

Thursday will be gi training.

The topic will be questions and answers.

Monday, 20 January 2014

The wolves of Jiu Jitsu

auckland bjj
I just finished watching the wolf of Wall Street.

It was a good movie.

It got me thinking about Jiu Jitsu and the people involved in the sport.

BJJ is becoming popular and lot of schools are opening all around the world.

Last year, a scandal erupted with a famous gym owner in the USA that made the headlines due to his student’s indiscretions.

While you cannot blame him for what his students did, the public suddenly gave the revelations of his shady past.

What intrigued me the most was he manipulated people around him to become famous and popular.

 His strategy was very similar to the person in the movie; he treats students as marks and just wants their money.

He hides behind the nice image of a martial artist but really he wants their hard earned cash.

Some of the strategies were to get them in the gym and use hard sales strategies to close the deal.

It starts with nice website with special promotions and then offers a cheaper deal to force those sign.

The goal was to not let them get out before they can change their mind.

The staffs was even told to keep calling them in order to get them back to reconsider just in case they did not sign up at the first place.

I even read stories when you had to supply your credit cards details and you would get charged if you did not completed your two months of so called free training.

They even wave a month fee if you signed up after the competition of the first free month.

Another aspect that was disturbing was they had a reward spinning wheel if an existing member got to attract a new member in.

They rewarded customers for getting other customers.

Of course, one could say it is OK to do such practise.

But really, it is weird that they consider you as person to attract other customers instead of a student that just want to learn a martial art.

Then the students would be given the option to upgrade to a different class which is of course more expensive.

They are told that they are gifted students and should move another class where they can train harder to be fast forwarded to the black belt.

Another system I heard off, you sign your one year and get your blue belt at the completion.

At the end of the year, you are given the option to sign up for another two years contract called the path to black belt.

One could say why not? But you need to realise that it takes around ten years to get a black belt in BJJ.

Of course, it is not the black belt they promised at the completion as it is only the purple belt.

The fees also are higher.

The wolf of Jiu Jitsu slowly builds his client base.

His marketing skills were as good as real estate agents.

He slowly builds his empire and financially supported new franchises.

One day, he realise that making money of running so called successful martial arts gyms was boring.

It was time to expand his empire.

He decided to market his secrets on how to become a millionaire.

He fooled people into thinking you could make a million dollars out of teaching people BJJ.

They signed up for the four days seminar just to find out they were just sold another money scheme.

Just like that white belt that join in and paid his fees, he was sucked into thinking that he had to spend more money.

This time, it was not the path to black belt or the special class because he was better than your average student.

They were told to spend more money to get the next upgrade of the secrets of the MMA millionaire club.

Other wolves had different strategies, they enforce policies of uniforms.

BJJ is notorious for creating a team attitude against individuals and that really suited their strategies.

If you to train with them, you had to buy their uniforms, patches, t shirts, rash guard in order to train.

They make a profit of those sales.

Their income is no longer about teaching but cross selling articles in order to maximise their profit.

Another common exercise is to charge for promotions (even for stripes in some cases.

I know instructors that would increase their grading fees based on the belt awarded, the higher means more money.

You do not to any schools or university to be told that to graduate, you will have to pay more money.

It does not stop at all.

The seminars are another scam.

While I appreciate the fact that someone would travel to offer his service by teaching, I notice the seminars are held during normal class timetable.

The students are obliged to default training (as he already paid on a contract basis) to be pay more money one more time for something he should not have to.

What kind of instructor could look himself in the mirror knowing that he is not working for that particular class and demands more money for someone else to do his job for him?

Another wolf decided to make affiliation a compulsory rule in their business as well.

After all, they think it is a good will they build thought the years and want to financially benefit of it once a student leave to open their own club or someone approach them to affiliate with them.

The need to affiliate is usually because they need recognition and/or legitimise their school.

However, some students would just want to stay part of the team and/or feel they have a right to use that good will for marketing.

Well, the answer is it comes with a price.

It costs MORE money.

If you are happy with service, you are called a traitor

What about those gyms that sells different colours of gi but then tell their students that they can only wear at white gi at graduation.

Just pure greed of making more money by selling different gis colour!

Just do not sell a blue gi if you are not let someone wear at graduation.

The wolves of Jiu Jitsu!
auckland bjj

Budo Videos 300x300

Why should women train Jiu-Jitsu video?

That video has been a hit on the net and youtube.

Personally, I thought it was a little bit better than expected.

Latetely, I have seen a new trend in BJJ advertising where women seems to have their pants.

The below link is the great write up on the sexualisaton of women in the BJJ world.

The below video is good but I do not think I would want my students going drinking alone and choking people in the bar like that to be honest.

But I guess every videos has a message which is to train BJJ and they use a different angle to get a reaction from the person watching it.

Some other videos on youtube for women BJJ which are pretty cool and use different angles to promote the message.

Former Miss USA trains BJJ and MMA

Whitney Miller, the 2012 Miss United States pageant winner, has taken up Brazilian jiu-jitsu and placed second in her first tournament, just three months into training.

Miller attended last month’s UFC 168 in December to watch Ronda Rousey defend her women’s bantamweight title against Miesha Tate in Las Vegas.

And she’s thinking about making the transition into MMA.

“It’s been talked about,” Miller told FOX Sports. “It’s a definite possibility.”

Miller, 24, has always competed in sports since she was a girl – from soccer to track and field to professional wake surfing. She saw BJJ as “one of the hardest things to do” and wanted the challenge.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Policeman use Judo to neutralise an attacker in Hamilton, New Zealand

The NZ police force has a NZ champion judoka in their force throwing an attacker in Hamilton.
Nice Story!

"They picked the wrong cop.
A Hamilton police officer who was attacked outside the Hamilton East drugs shop is a judo black belt.
Witnesses said members of an unruly mob taunted him, calling him Jackie Chan. They did not know who they were dealing with.
Constable Sean Choi was on the beat outside synthetic cannabis dealer U njoY on Grey St during a tense and violent Tuesday.
Police said one of the shop's customers approached Choi and tried to pick a fight. He gave up on the first attempt yet returned minutes later and tried again.
The man was arrested but another man allegedly joined the fray and jumped on Choi's back.
Choi has been a member of the Metro Judo Club since he arrived in New Zealand from South Korea as a teenager.
Head coach Terry Steenson said the alleged attacker was destined to take flight: "We move in close. Where most people would back away it is in our nature to move forward. We fight in their face. We fight inside their arms and legs and a lot of our stuff is throws. Most guys wouldn't know how to land from a throw or wouldn't know what's hit them when they started flying through the air . . . it wouldn't have been pleasant."
A shop owner, who asked to remain anonymous, saw Choi in action.
She said the policeman "dropped" a "huge, big guy".
"He picked him up, pepper-sprayed him and dropped him," she said.
"I looked at it and went, ‘holy s . . . '.
Choi does that kind of thing for fun. In fact, he gets his kicks from lifting up and throwing men much bigger than he is, some up 130 kilograms, to the ground.
He's a third dan black belt, a former New Zealand champion, an Oceania Champion and he was close to qualifying for the Olympics when he dislocated an elbow a few years ago.
Mr Steenson said police work takes up a lot of Choi's time now, but he still trains and helps children at the club improve their technique.
He's a good role model, Mr Steenson said.
"He's very humble - an awesome bloke. He's reserved, but when it comes to his passions, judo and family, he's very passionate."


Training Report: 1/2 guard pass and pummelling from the clinch

We are back into our second weeks of training for the year.

 Tuesday is Nogi training and Thursday is GI training.

If you do not own a gi, you can still attend Thursday class.

Please see the new link regarding the next competition.

 The topic of the day was top half guard.

 The half guard game has developed dramatically through the year and it is no longer considered a transition position where people are stuck between closed guard and about getting their guard passed.
Lot of people are developing their game around the half guard.
It might not be the focus of some schools that believe one should not play open guard unless they have been forced to. IE closed guard is better.

Stand up training was fighting for the  under hook from the clinch and a variation with a leg grab

It is also know pummelling.

Vital skills for grappling.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Registration is now open.
auckland bjj

Please note the weight categories are now the official IBJJF weight categories.

So start dieting if you need to.

Competition is for both kids and adults of all levels and from all academies. There will be Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions for all weight classes.
The adult weight classes in kilograms (kg) are IBJJF No Gi divisions:
MEN (kg): 57.5, 64, 70, 76, 82.3, 88.3, 94.3, 100.5, 100.5+
WOMEN (kg): 53.5, 58.5, 69, 74, 74+

This year’s NO GI rules will be full IBJJF rules for NO GI. To download the rule booklet, please go to

For more information

take advantages of the early bird option:

Until 11:59 pm Saturday 15 February 2014
Adults: $50
Kids: $40
Until 11:59 pm Wednesday 19 February 2014
Adults: $60
Kids: $50

Great competition as per last year event.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Training Report: Back to Training Tuesday 7 January 2014
First class for the year 2014.

Light warm up.

Take down training of the day:

The usage of the underhook

left underhook and grabbing the opposite leg.
 for example.
variation to the single leg in case the opponent counters the underhook.'

See below 2 videos for more details.

Part 1 is the study of the 2 above takedowns.

Part 2 is about the usage of the left underhook

Ground topic was guard submissions:

 We covered arm bar, triangle from the guard.


Training concluded with 4 rounds of 5 minutes sparring (2 minutes stand-up/takedowns, 3 minutes ground).

Thank you for the support.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Back to training

We are back to training this week. 
Tuesday 7 jan from 6 pm. No gi training
Thursday 9 jan. gi training. 
Thanks for the support.