Metamoris 3: 29/03/14 (30/03/14 NZ time) - Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo

It is finally on.

We all have been discussing their first match which Eddie submitted Royler via a triangle for the past 10 years.

Eddie retired from competition and went on to open his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and preach his no gi gospel.

For the new generation that train BJJ, they need to understand that back in the days preaching nogi training instead of gi training was never a popular topic (especially with the old school mentallity).

Well, It is all good.
Eddie Bravo just received his third degree Black Belt from his instructor Jean Jack Machado.

The rumours in the internet is that Royler Gracie is in top shape and ready for action.

What about Eddie Bravo?
Is 3 months notice enough to get back into top physical shape?
The metamoris match lenght is 20 minutes.
It is a long time for the two seniors competitors
Royler is 48 years old.
He runs his academy (Gracie Humaita) out of San Diego.
His latest MMA fight was in 2011.

Eddie is 43 year old. he has not competed since 2003.

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