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Training hEport: Berimbolo

After last week competition, we are going back to our normal training program where we cover on throw per class and one ground topic. Last Tuesday was hip throw nogi and Knee on the Belly (with 3 subs). Last night (Thursday night) was uchimata and De La Riva guard / berimbolo (guard sweeps) You will need to learn Berimbolo if you want your 3 stripes on your white belt. Berimbolo is just basically the continuation from de la riva guard. Instead of taking the back, you keep the same grips and invert instead. Why is it so popular? Because there is no counter to the berimbolo as far as I know. Why is it hated? Because people hate what they don't know. Why is it revolutionary? Because it is going against the traditional style of take down, guard pass and submission after achieving dominant top position. You can read more info on this controversial topic.          

Go in a draw to win a t shirt

Go on our Facebook page. - DS Team BJJ Like our page and share the picture.!/DouglasSantosJiuJitsuOnehungaKampTuaman

10 K views from NZ since June 2013!

Some quick stats from the website. 10 K views from NZ since June 2013. 63% of our viewers are from New Zealand 53% of our viewers are from Auckland. 64.5% of our viewers are new visitors. The average visit is 2 pages. 66% of our viewers used a desktop to view the website.

BJJ Teaching philosophy

When we started teaching at our club in November 2011, the biggest issue was to address the training program. We only had and still have 2 classes per week. Unlike a professional BJJ club also known as a BJJ academy, teaching BJJ is not our source of income. We both have a job and teach BJJ is a hobby. We started our classes on Monday and Wednesday nights. The first thing I noticed was the attendance on Monday was really bad. I could not blame the students as it is common to have the Monday blues where you came back from a week-end and after working 8 hours in the office, the last thing you want is to roll around with some sweaty guys. So after 6 months, we decided to switch to Tuesday and Thursday nights instead. Because we had and still have 2 instructors, the question was to ensure that we did not overlap and ensure continuity thought the weeks. Learning BJJ is normally done by an instructor teaching one technique and 2 variations. I always found that style problem

No Gi National 2014 results

Congratulations to Marc (beginner, silver) and Igor (intermediate, bronze) on winning medals. Next competition is in 8 weeks time, we will work on mistakes, new strategies, weight category and fitness. Overall, it was a really fun day with teammates coming to support the competitors. I am very happy that no one got injured as we have another 6 comps coming up. See you at training. For the full result of the competition: Full Results from today's event.  Great turnout!

Roll Call and competitions list for season 2014

Tomorrow will be the first competition for the season 2014. Roll Call: Elliot, Igor, Jose, Webber and Mark. The next competition will be Gi in April 19. It leaves you 8 weeks to prepare for the next event which is on Easter Weekend. If you are out of town for Easter weekend, the next competition will be on May 17. Good luck boys. P.S: Please come and support your team mates on saturday.

Do not come to training barefoot

 Please, do not come to training barefoot. .

Final Countdown and Training report

Hi, Tuesday night training was NOGI. Drilling Takedowns and clinch work. 20 minutes of reading and explaining the rules. We will continue the readind and explaining on Thursday as well. Training concluded with 30 minutes rolling as usual. Thursday is our GI class but you can just turn up with your NOGI because of Saturday Comp. Which reminds me today is your last day to enter. Until 11:59 pm Wednesday 19 February 2014 Adults: $60 Kids: $50 Read the lastest update on

Team ATOS Drills & Secrets to Success || BJJ Hacks TV Episode 2.1

Andre Galvao discusses the drills and secrets to success. He release a book called drill to win which I advised anyone to buy. He is a member of the Atos Team which is re known for their gruelling drilling sessions. Andre Galvao Jiu Jitsu Main Titles: 2x World Champion – black belt (2008 & 2005) 2x ADCC Champion (2011 weight & absolute) World Pro Cup Champion (2012 – WPJJC) World Cup Champion – black belt (2006 black) World CBJJE Champion (2008 black) 4x Pan American Champion – black belt (2008 weight & absolute, 2006, 2011) Ultimate Absolute NYC Champion (2011)

Training Competition: Read the rules

 As we are a week away from the competition, you need to read the rules. Even if you do not compete, you need to understand the rules. There is also a good video from Felipe Costa that you can watch. I will print the rules and will go over them for the next 2 classes as well.  Registration is closing soon: Until 11:59 pm Wednesday 19 February 2014 Adults: $60 Kids: $50  You can find the rules on the below link: Do not get DQ because you do NOT want to spend some time reading and watching a video. Learn the rules of the sport you want to compete. Even if you are not a competitor, we need to understand what is legal, what is illegal and how the points system works.

Best you tube instructional videos part One: Kurt Osiander top ten videos

That is correct, you read it. This is my first post on the best youtube BJJ instructional videos. Most BJJ instructors do not want you to learn from youtube or any videos for the matter. Why is that? Because they will run our of a job and will have to get a normal 8-5 employment like the rest of us. When it comes to youtube videos, Kurt Osiander is my favourite. He is a Ralph Gracie Black Belt and is sponsored by Shoyoroll. He is abrupt, old school, rude, not PC. Basically, he is opposite of the new generation of BJJ Black Belt. Some of his famous quotes are: Kurt Osiander quotes “I like to travel and meet people all over the world- and choke them” About the 50/50 guard “If do it wrong, you’re getting fucked. If you do it right, you’re doing the fucking!” “you fucked up a long time ago” and “keep your ass down, this is San Francisco” “I have something to show you guys and don’t worry it’s not my dick” “Fucking white belts…” “Fuck berimbolos!” “All whi

Judo Training

Hi, Do not forget that our club members (that is the ones that are on automatic payments) have free access to all the Judo classes as well (held on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). Please note there are in need for sparring partners on Friday night class. See below link for details.!/2014/02/judo-beat-copauckland-police-club.html

Ronda Rousey's Sexy New Photo Shoot With Famed Photographer

Ronda is re known for bringing trash talk to women mma. She criticised Kim Kardashian and ring girls for being bad role model to young girls. Her latest photo definitely will bring out more controversy. Prior to her bout with Miesha Tate at December’s UFC 168 event in Las Vegas, Rousey filmed movies “Expendables 3″ and “Fast & Furious 7.” Now, it appears that Warner Bros. is looking to have Rousey star in a lead role in the movie-version of the hit HBO series “Entourage.” If that wasn’t enough, Warner Bros. has also pegged the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion for a lead role in the Brad Thor penned novel “Athena Project,” which would likely turn into a movie franchise if successful. - See more at: Prior to her bout with Miesha Tate at December’s UFC 168 event in Las Vegas, Rousey filmed movies “Expendables 3″ and “Fast & Furious 7

Unseen Gracie Challenge Fights

    In this rare never-before-seen footage, shot in the early 90s, you will see 10 Gracie Challenge matches against traditional martial artists at the Gracie Academy in Torrance, CA. It's worth noting that, unlike most Gracie challenge matches ... which are fought by members of the Gracie family, all the jiu-jitsu representatives in this video are students of the Gracie Academy. Thier names are: Lowell Anderson, Fabio Santos, Joe Pardo, Mark Baumeister & Mauricio Zingano. Most importantly, observe how spastically the non-jiu-jitsu fighters move during each fight and how their behavioral patterns are the complete opposite of what we become accustomed to when rolling with trained jiu-jitsu practitioners. If you are not training for these chaotic/unpredictable fight patterns, then you are not training for a real fight. Share it if you know someone who needs jiu-jitsu but hasn't taken the first step on the mat!    

Thiago Silva threatens people inside jiujitsu school at gunpoint, barricades self inside home

UFC Fighter Thiago Silva walks in a BJJ school with a gun and threatens his separated wife and instructor Popovitch A prominent mixed martial artist was dumped Friday by a national fighting organization after police said he threatened to shoot his estranged wife and her boyfriend and was arrested. Thiago Anderson Ramos da Silva, a 31-year-old Brazilian who owns an Oakland Park home and trains in South Florida, competed as a light heavyweight for Ultimate Fighting Championship. Mixed martial artists draw from multiple disciplines, including boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, judo and tae kwon do. The fight promoter terminated Silva's contract a day after the Broward Sheriff's Office said deputies waited about three hours for him to leave his home and a SWAT team was called.   Silva is off of Ultimate Fighting's card for a March match in Dallas, when a lawyer said he could hav

2 weeks away from the 2214 BJJ NOGI COMPETITION - 22 FEB

 All right, we are 2 weeks away from the competition. We have 4 classes and 1 open mats before the event. Time to put all the hard training into practise. If you do not compete, come and support your team mates at the event.    Check out your weight categories, read the rules and understand them. If you have any questions, ask your coach.  It is not acceptable to think that you do not have to read the rules if you plan to play any kind of sports. Please register on more details on Rules on NZ Grappler’s BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU NO-GI TOURNAMENT will be held 22 February 2014. Don’t miss your chance to challenge yourself among the best of New Zealand. The event will take place at the TRUSTS ARENA in Henderson, Auckland. Adults and kids will compete on Saturday 22nd February. REGISTRATION FEE Until 11:59 pm Saturday 15 February 2014 Adults: $50 Kids:

creonte Part 2

This is a great video that explains the terms Creonte by Draculino.  Vinicius Magalhaes, commonly known by his nickname “Draculino”, is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  instructor responsible for raising the games of grapplers such as Romulo Barral , Samuel Braga , Marcelo Azevedo, Brandon Mullins  among many others, making his BJJ program one of the most successful ones ever in the sport. The Draculino Jiu Jitsu program has strong roots in Belo Horizinte (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and in Houston (Texas, US) For the first part of the blog.

Public holiday and kids comp date changed

Please note that they will be no class on Thursday 6 Feb due to public holiday: Waitangi Day. T uesday 4 Feb class remains the same Nogi from 6 pm. Thank you Also, there is a change for the kids comp at the next NZ grappling event. It will be held on Saturday 22 Feb morning instead of Sunday 23 Feb as originally planned.