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Best you tube instructional videos part One: Kurt Osiander top ten videos

That is correct, you read it.

This is my first post on the best youtube BJJ instructional videos.

Most BJJ instructors do not want you to learn from youtube or any videos for the matter.

Why is that?

Because they will run our of a job and will have to get a normal 8-5 employment like the rest of us.

When it comes to youtube videos, Kurt Osiander is my favourite.

He is a Ralph Gracie Black Belt and is sponsored by Shoyoroll.

He is abrupt, old school, rude, not PC.

Basically, he is opposite of the new generation of BJJ Black Belt.

Some of his famous quotes are:

Kurt Osiander quotes
“I like to travel and meet people all over the world- and choke them”
About the 50/50 guard “If do it wrong, you’re getting fucked. If you do it right, you’re doing the fucking!”
“you fucked up a long time ago” and “keep your ass down, this is San Francisco”
“I have something to show you guys and don’t worry it’s not my dick”
“Fucking white belts…”
“Fuck berimbolos!”
“All white belts are Fucking Retarded Bro” (at seminar in NC he said this a white belt)….”You want me to beat your ass on film?” (to kids playing loudly in the background)
“If you get caught in this position…Then you Fucked up…”
“Some people call it a baseball choke,but I FUCKING HATE BASEBALL!”
“i could choke a t-rex easy… have you seen his arms?”
“50/50 guard is for faggits!”
Yells at a little kid, “Zeek!! You want me to beat you on film? No?? Then SHUT THE FUCK UP!”
“You have to have good base and posture. We’re in San Francisco. You know what happens to u when. Youre bent over like that”
“You cant do that, youre ganna get choked the fuck out”
“Go train”
“I’m gonna open my guard but i’m not gonna let my leg fall like this like i’m a prostitute”
(when someone is on your back) “Keep your hands and arms inside the fucking ride at all times..”
“50/50 is half gay”
“….now your….triple  fucked!”
“50/50 what’s that, half gay” “If do it wrong, you’re getting fucked. If you do it right, you’re doing the fucking!”
“I know it’s very fashionable now that everybody’s going upside down, berimbolo, inversions, spinning upside down, spin through the air… Fuck them.”
“Now go train”
“Eating meat gives me tha power to kill!”
“you fucked up along time ago..”
“It says you’re fat” as I stood on the scale”
“if you punch them in the stomach they will open their legs quicker than a prostitute”
“I got, I got something to show you guys….It’s not my dick. New tattoo.”

So without any delays, see my top 10 Kurt Osiander videos and make sure you watch some more of his stuff because he is freaking awesome.


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