Monday, 17 February 2014

Training Competition: Read the rules

auckland bjj As we are a week away from the competition, you need to read the rules.

Even if you do not compete, you need to understand the rules.

There is also a good video from Felipe Costa that you can watch.

I will print the rules and will go over them for the next 2 classes as well.

 Registration is closing soon:

Until 11:59 pm Wednesday 19 February 2014
Adults: $60
Kids: $50
auckland bjj

 You can find the rules on the below link:

Do not get DQ because you do NOT want to spend some time reading and watching a video.

Learn the rules of the sport you want to compete.

Even if you are not a competitor, we need to understand what is legal, what is illegal and how the points system works.

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