Reasons why we should train at

  1. Two black belt instructors teaching all the classes.
  2. One black belt instructor is certified by the IBJJF.
  3. One black belt instructor is a brown belt in Judo
  4. You can grade and train in BJJ and Judo
  5. You can compete in all the BJJ competitions (no bs politics)
  6. You can compete in Judo competitions as well as we are a Judo affiliate as well.
  7. Judo Spring Floor.
  8. Organised training program.
  9. No contract.
  10. We are located in Epsom, central Auckland. Plenty of free car parks.
  11. 2 BJJ classes, 4 Judo classes per week for 18.50 (16.50 per week).
  12. training report for the next month
    Flat TV scree to catch up with latest BJJ techniques, competition
    It is important to rehydrate after a hard training
    freezer full of ice pack and glasses
    IBJJF certified black belt


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