Training Report: 1/2 guard week and Tai Otoshi

AUCKLAND BJJWe concluded our week of 1/2 guard: sweeps and passes.

Throw of the day was Tai Otoshi demonstrated by Judoka Henry.

Henry is a brown belt in Judo and trains at our sister club Auckland University Judo Club (on alternate days).

AUCKLAND BJJIt was great to have him demonstrate Judo throws and help out the boys for the next competition.

He has good newaza (ground) skills as well as his club specialises in newaza.

We did our usual drills (bullfigher, leg drag and hip smash guard passes) for warm ups.

Situational rolling

Normal rolling (2 minutes stand-up and 3 minutes ground).

Next class topic is Turtle. Tuesday 25/03

Thursday topic is Questions and answers when students get to ask questions.

Please note that the NOGI season is over.

We are NOW training strictly GI until further notice.

Have a good weekend.

Club members can attend Judo class at 11 am on Saturday or open mats at DS TEAM HQ from 11

Also we will be watching Metamoris 3 next week, I cannot wait.

am on Saturday.



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