Training report: North South Choke

Now we are back into our normal schedule of training program.

Tuesday NOGI and Thursday GI.

We are covering the North South position.

North South Choke is a high percentage submission.

Back in the days, north south position was considered a stalling position where you just stall and held your opponent.

However, recently people are having a great success in applying a choke from such position.

Marcelo Garcia and Robert Drysdale have great videos of it.

Marcelo seems to prefer to choke without the arm.

Marcelo advises to peel off the hands in case the opponent does the usual counter of putting in hands around his neck. Also known as the X, prayer or home alone.

peeling the hands

He uses his shin to separate the arm to trap the head while Robert just prefer using his arm to under hook/re trap to isolate the head.

trapping the head

the set up

At that moment you have to be quick otherwise you can get bumped.

the counter

the sprawl

the squeeze

Marcelo does not mind the arm and can use his shin to wipe away in both direction if necessary.

They both agree that the opponent has to look up or face away to achieve the choke.

So the defence is for your opponent to look towards you, basically turning his face into your armpit.

The answer to sprawl and use your cage rib to force him to look away.

Once  the choke is applied, the grip is cable grip and sprawling.

Robert does not believe in squeezing and insist that you should sprawl away.

Marcelo is more about putting pressure of your shoulder on the trapped carotid.

To avoid the opponent to create a gap by pushing on your throath which is a defense, you need to look away. so you will be looking opposite way as your opponent.


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