Training Report: Revolutionary Teaching Technique

The topic of the day was the 1/2 guard passes.

We planned to split the class into beginners and intermediate.

Actually, we changed the topic for the intermediate to 1/2 guard sweeps instead.

The outcome was awesome when it came to situational rolling.

The beginners used their new acquired 1/2 guard passes skills to try on the intermediate students.

In return, the intermediate students were using their 1/2 guard sweeps skills to counter the guard passers.

I think we will be using this format a lot more in the future.

It is like you are training 2 teams and give them skills to counter each other on the specific topic.

So for example, I would teach beginners how to pass the de la riva and teach the intermediate students on how to sweep from de la riva for 30 minutes.

Then for situational rolling, get the intermediate students on their back and play de la riva while the beginners have the necessary skills to pass.

It is like sparring against yourself in a mirror.
Your image in the mirror would try to pass your half guard while you are trying to sweep.


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