Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Training Report: Turtle submissions and Judokas invasion

Topic of the day was Turtle.

Warm up drills:

Guard recomposition and 2 reversals from Turtle

5 Submissions from Turtle (clock choke, crucifix etc)

Situational rolling from Turtle

Then Rolling: 2 minutes stand-up (Tachi-waza), 2 minutes ground (newaza).


We had the pleasure of the visits of 4 Judokas from our sister club Auckland University Judo Club (we share the same dojo and train BJJ on alternate days).!/

You can attend the 4 Judo and 2 BJJ classes for a fee of $18.50 per week.

Mario (BJJ purple belt) who also train in Judo recently got promoted to orange belt in Judo.

I think this exchange program will create well balanced grappler.

Thursday Topic will be Questions and Answers: so the students can us ask anything.


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