Eddie Bravo Invitational No Gi Sub 16 Men Tournament - 1 June 2014

Eddie is now promoting his own tournament:  16 man tournaments 145 & 170 same day weigh in. Sub-only.

Right after a good performance at Metamoris 3( read on http://www.aucklandbjj.com/2014/03/the-year-of-10th-planet-jiu-jitsu.html), Eddie is calling out the rest of the world against 2 of his representatives.

Richie Martinez "The Boogie Man" 170 lbs

Geo Martinez "Freakzoid" 145 lbs

I can see a few logos on that poster: Cobrinha, Mario Dilgado (under the sign of Renzo Gracie), Werdum Combat Team.

It is just sad to hear that he is hosting the event of the IBJJF Gi World Cup.

It will be harder to attract top competitors and spectators.

Maybe he just does not follow the Gi competition timetable or was it organised on the same date on purpose?

Rumours are that event organisers in Auckland are thinking to organise subs only events as well.

Will keep you posted.


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