Is protecting the lineage of BJJ a good thing ?

IBJJF is now starting to be like the AKC (American Kennel Association).

In order to get your BJJ black belt certified by the IBJJF, you need to get your application endorsed by a 2 degree black belt that is certified by the IBJJF.

Basically, if your instructor is not a paying member of the the IBJJF, you cannot be certified by them.

But wait, there is always another option.

You can affiliate under a master that is already IBJJF certified.

Of course, it comes at a price.

You just pay up another "team" to run your club under and in return they will give you access to making your black belt legit with the big boys (IBJJF).

BJJ was this martial arts where people trained and promoted their students without the interference of anyone else.

The IBJJF is not governing body and is a profit organisation run by Carlos Gracie Jnr based in the USA.

Now the analogy with the AKC comes to play.

They are not interested into creating the data base of legit black belts.

They just want to ensure that people give them money and creating a monopoly for their members.

How can they say that a 6 degrees black belt cannot be certified or sign your application just because he never paid any money to the IBJJF?

By refusing to acknowledge the existence of so many great lineages and team (that refused to pay them or go under new affiliation), the IBJJF is destroying the BJJ community.

BJJ is no longer about the martial art, it is about pedigree and if you do not have to correct paperwork, then just go another pedigree (lineage) that is "legit" ( IBJJF certifies as they paid their fees to the IBJJF). That 6 degree BB start training before the existence of the IBJJF.

Is protecting the lineage of BJJ a good thing for the long term of the art?


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