The HELIO Filter

That is now official, Ryron Gracie created a new concept named the Helio Filter.

Ryron is famous fro creating the Gracie Online.

It is a website where you can get learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu and send them videos for a technical belt exam.

Ryron also created the Gracie Garage concepts where people can meet and find each other on a database.

There is also the Keep it play full coin and movement.

The latest addition of the "Helio filter" is just a direct response to Eddie Bravo's deep half guard against his uncle Royce Grace at the Metamoris 3.

Apparently, Helio would have NOT approved as you are open for strikes ie. the "Helio Filter"

Eddie replied by mentioning that Andree Galvao mounted Ryron during their submission match.

Was Ryron getting mounted or his guard passes approved by the Helio filter?


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