Training Report: Judo Foot trip - Back - Lasso grip

 Judo Throw of the day was demonstrated by Judo Black belt Jordan:

Deashi Harai -- Forward Foot Sweep


 Position of the day was back:

back control, back escape and back submissions for the beginners.

Topic for intermediate: Lasso guard and study of Sean Robert vs Zak Maxwell at the Metamoris 3.

The lasso guard is very effective way to set up your omoplata or triangle.

It forces your opponent to keep their elbow glued to the knee otherwise they risk to get submitted.

It gets tiring and after a while, you will notice they move to combat base where you can set your de la riva moves/guard and the much dread berimbolo.

Did I hear berimbolo?

Then we roll: 2 minutes stand up and 3 minutes ground.


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