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Training report: X - Guard

Warm up was our drills to win: Kimura, arm bar/triangle/omoplata, bulllfighter guard pass, Leg drag guard pass. Throw of the day: Ippon Seo Nage. Today topic is guard sweep. To celebrate the release of the lastest X-Men movie, we cover the X - Guard. X guard is part of our intermediate guard system. However, due to a small class we just taught to everyone. Butterfly sweep was the entry sweep. Then technical stand up sweep if the person post on leg. To the full X guard if the person stands up. From a fully streched X GUARD, we did the technical stand up sweep, the foot sweep and the back take if uke decide to drop a knee on your chest. Next week will be Half guard week. See you on the mats and have a good long weekend.

Get in my guard!

BJJ is notorious for his lack of stand up training. I mean the lack of standing grappling just in case you thought I was referring to stand up striking. So this guy made some funny videos on BJJ guys that no longer can grapple standing and expect someone to get in their guard. Something we can see this problem on UFC where the guy sitting on the floor is signalling his opponent to get into his guard. So let not get too serious about the topic and enjoy the following videos. I think they are also making fun of MMA fans. Then go and train some Judo.    

What to do this weekend in Auckland and Wellington?

Case Study: Judo versus BJJ in an Auckland BJJ competition (New Zealand)

Henry Wu from Auckland University Judo Club in action at the last Auckland BJJ competition.  He won bronze medal after 5 matches.  For training details: Edit: there is one more fight to be added.

Training Report: Guard Pass

For warm up: Drills to win. 1. Kimura 2. Subs Trinity: arm bar, triangle, omoplata. 3. Bullfighter guard pass 4. leg drag guard pass Throw of the day: Ippon Seo Nage Topic of the day: breaking the closed guard on the knees and standing Situational Rolling: guard pass Then normal rolling. Thursday topic will be guard sweeps. All the best to Stu and Igor that are competing in Tauranga on the weekend (Judo).

2014 NZ Girls Grappling Camp update

From!/groups/kiwigirls/ "NZ Girls Grappling Camp update!! July 11th - 13th Starts 8pm Friday night - finishes Sunday 1pm $180 camp fee Please contact organisers on the facebook group to register.   Food and Accommodation (kind of) provided We all bunk down on the Gym mats. Those that can bring airbeds otherwise there will be a mattress. If you need blankets and bedding let us know and we will source. Due to the NZ Grapplers Quest on the same weekend we will offer day rates. Get back to you ASAP with details for day rates! 30 registered already!! Yay!!! Just over a month to go! Please go on the facebook group page for more information and update." This is the write up from their last year event.


This weekend will be the IBJJF WORLD JIU JITSU competition. You get to watch it live streaming. They offer 6 cameras option on 6 different mats at the same time. One mat will have live commentators. The finals of the black belts will on Monday 2 June (NZ public holidays). 

Queen birthday sales

Next Monday will be a public holiday in New Zealand to celebrate the queen birthday. We do not offer any specials, no gimmick, no free private classes, no one month free training to entice into a long or short term contract. In fact, we do not have contracts.  Our fee is $18.50 per week on automatic payment (no contract) .  We offer 2 BJJ classes and 4 judo classes per week.  So it is about $3 per class if you can train 6 days per week.

New blue belt at Auckland BJJ

Congratulations to Jose on his gold medal and his promotion to blue belt on the podium. Great competition organised by NZ Grappler and their sponsor Gray Online for all the prizes.  Looking forward to their next event: Auckland BJJ GI Nationals in 23 August.

Update on this new competition format in Auckland

This is an update on this new BJJ competition that we covered last week. get your updates on "If you've already see your team mentioned below then no worries your registered.... THEN WHAT? A poll gets created on June 6 The 4 teams with the most votes in the poll win's a spot! Teams announced June 23 NZGrappler powered by EHPlabs !!! Get ready to witness the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes in New Zealand as they take to the mat over 2 days of BJJ action in the inaugural NZ Grappler BJJ Team Championship - Powered by EHP Labs!! Cons isting of a GI Tournament (Saturday) & No GI Tournament (Sunday), 4 Teams will enter their best athletes across 4 Belts & 2 Weight Divisions to compete for the 2014 Championship Titles! Blue belt - under 85 / over 85 Purple belt - under 85 / over 85 Brown & Black belt - under 85 / over 85 Female (o

Gi Review: Budo Pearl Signature Gi

Tired of paying over NZD 200 for a good quality gi?  Do you want a good quality gi for NZD 120? AMAS (Auckland Martials Arts Supplies) have finally got the blue gi with contrast white stitching. They still have the white gi with contrast grey stitching and black gi with the red contrast stitching. I have owned Atama, Shoyoroll, Koral, Pride gis in the past. I think the BUDO Pearl signature gi is a good as a shoyoroll or Koral. They are not flashy and full of extra useless designs (free advertising for the gi brand/manufacturer) but still give lot of space to put your own patches In fact, their cuts and designs are very similar to Shoyoroll without the expensive price tag and waiting time. They feel thicker than a Shoyoroll and they are wider cut as well. So you will have no worries about getting disqualified by a referee for wearing a gi than is too thin. Also, the pants are reinforced and they choose to go with the cotton pants and not the rip stock pants.

BJJ competitions outside Auckland

While I usually write about events happening in Auckland, I noticed that 50% of NZ viewers are located outside Auckland. So there are some upcoming BJJ competitions coming up outside of Auckland. If I have not mentioned any events, please send me an email and I will promote your event for free. Same applies as well for any clubs that I do not have on my club lists. Wellington GI BJJ 21 June 2014 June 21 Kapiti College - Raumati ONE ACTION PACKED DAY! Weigh In Kids 8am-9am Adults 9am-10am Spectators $5 Adults $Gold coin kids Blenheim GI and NOGI BJJ Sat 19 July 2014 Rotorua Nogi Sat 20 September 2014

Training Report: Knee on the belly - guard subs

Congrats Busy week at work so this is the training report for both classes (Tuesday and Thursday). Both training started with drills to win for warm up Osoto- Gari for Ukemi (Judo throw drills). Tuesday topic was knee on the belly. We went over the concept of Knee on the belly and escape. We covered the baseball choke from KOB and one variation.         Also we taught the far arm bar from KOB. Thursday topic was guard subs: Kimura, Triangle (gi and nogi), triangle. Congrats to: Jose who was promoted to blue belt. Mario got his second stripes on his purple belt. Marc and Webber received the fourth stripes on their white belts. Next week topics, guard passes and guard sweeps. Also we will be introducing a new 4 drills to win and one new thrown Thanks to the staff of Tanuki Cave for the great hospitality and food. We had our competition after party at this great Japanese restaurant. Tanuki Cave after party

BJJ rules seminar in Auckland - Sunday 15 June 2014

It is a great event to learn BJJ competition rules in Auckland, New Zealand. A must for referees, coaches/instructors, gym owners, competitors and hobbyists as well. Please contact Paulo Sorriso if you want to sign up. "IBJJF Rules Seminar, due to the fast growing of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments and the lack of qualified Referees I'm holding a rules seminar at Sorriso Bjj Club North Shore on the 15th of June. The course will be 4 hours long and we are providing lunch and certificate. Cost: $50  Please contact me to secure your spot as the numbers are limited" Sorriso Bjj Club North Shore 89a Wairau road, Auckland, New Zealand 0627 Sunday, June 15  from 10 am The Auckland BJJ club will cover the expenses for any members wanting to attend this seminar.

BJJ Teams competition in Auckland

More and more action for BJJ in Auckland, New Zealand. FITNESS-SPORT CHAMPIONSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT Hosted within the EHPlabs Arena, get ready to witness the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes in New Zealand as they take to the mat over 2 days of BJJ action in the inaugural NZ Grappler BJJ Team Championship - Powered by EHP Labs!! Consisting of a GI Tournament (Saturday) & No GI Tournament (Sunday), 4 Teams will enter their best athletes across 4 Belts & 2 Weight Divisions to compete for the 2014 Championship Titles! NZ Fitness Expo | 12-13 July 2014 | ASB Showgrounds | Auckland For more details and update

Sparring Protocol - The DO's and Don't

Just a quick reminder for members to read the sparring protocol page. You do not want to be that guy in the club that does the wrong subs. If you have any questions, please ask me at training. Train safe.

Results from 17th May 2014 Gi Tournament - AUCKLAND - NEW ZEALAND

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi Tournament - Winners List Published on 17 May 2014 at 9:20 PM, Pacific/Auckland Division 1st 2nd 3rd Tied 3rd or 4th Adult Gi >> White >> Rooster (up to 57.5 kg) Peter Kim Vanderson Pires Jiu Jitsu William Chao Oliver MMA     Adult Gi >> White >> Light Feather (up to 64.0 kg) Ricardo Saraiva Ferreira Mai Dojo Jimmy Bong City BJJ Caleb Taylor GroundControl webbers jiang DS Team Adult Gi >> White >> Feather (up to 70.0 kg) Michael Parker Southern Tribes Jae Lee Team Submission Hamid Atiq City BJJ Vitor Bonatto DS Team Adult Gi >> White >> Light (up to 76.0 kg) Ken Yong DS Team Chevron Hassett Gracie Gym NZ Troy Matusich Team Submission James Hohaia Xtreme Cavalcanti Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Adult Gi >> White >> Middle (up to 82.3 kg) Clinton Davies Glen Eden Matthew Robinson Vanderson Pires Jiu Jitsu Henry Wu Auckland

The sport of BJJ keeps growing in Auckland - New Zealand - Competitors List and a few interesting stats.

Stats: 244 Adults gi entries 58 kids gi entries 128 adult gi white belts 75 adult gi blue belts 33 adult gi purple belts 6 adult gi brown belts 2 adults gi black belts bjj women sport is growing as well: 19 adults gi women 14 adults gi women white belts  2 adults gi women blue belts  3 adults gi women purple belts   some of the divisions have 22 competitors!   teams from all over new zealand are competing: wellington, dunedin, queestown, napier, hasting, palmerston north, rotorua, tauranga and a lot more.   for future events, keep an eye on adn their facebook page a lot more competitions coming up, wellington (june 21),  auckland gi (aug 31), rotorua nogi (sept 21), auckland nogi (nov 8) maybe christchurch..   COMPETITORS LIST FOR 17TH MAY 2014 BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU GI TOURNAMENT - REGISTRANT LIST º Last.Name First.Name Team Registered Event