Training report: X - Guard

Warm up was our drills to win:

Kimura, arm bar/triangle/omoplata, bulllfighter guard pass, Leg drag guard pass.

Throw of the day: Ippon Seo Nage.

Today topic is guard sweep.

To celebrate the release of the lastest X-Men movie, we cover the X - Guard.

X guard is part of our intermediate guard system.

However, due to a small class we just taught to everyone.

Butterfly sweep was the entry sweep.

Then technical stand up sweep if the person post on leg.

To the full X guard if the person stands up.

From a fully streched X GUARD, we did the technical stand up sweep, the foot sweep and the back take if uke decide to drop a knee on your chest.

Next week will be Half guard week.

See you on the mats and have a good long weekend.


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