Thursday, 26 June 2014

Concept Based Learning For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is an interesting video.

The author mentions that the future of teaching BJJ should no longer be base on techniques (ie double leg takedown, guillotine, kimura, but on concepts instead (leverage, timing, movement, distance management, action-reaction etc..).

I do not necessarily agree with what he says but I believe he is onto something interesting.

I am intrigued to where this new concept will lead us to.
I went on the youtube hoping to get more information and video but they only had videos of techniques.
I really enjoyed the Gracie 101 techniques which seems to be self defence techniques.
Oh well, just stay tune and subscribe to their account and see how far they take us.

Kit Dale is no a big fan of teaching techniques and prefer teaching by concept as well.
He also not an advocate of drilling as well.

"A big problem is awareness. is that too many of the top guys in this sport make a lot of money from selling techs....because it's simple and people buy it into it...there is an agenda behind it! if someone is making lots of money from something...then you may want to question their opinion.." Kit Dale in FB.

That argument reminds me of the local vet that does not want you to use a raw diet on your dog.
 Is he bias because he is sponsored by pet food manufacturers?

I have been an advocate of staying away from the method of teaching by techniques and discussed it already.

In following link, I discuss our training program and the reason why I prefer to teach by positions and actions instead of techniques.

The fundamental program consistes of positions and actions for the
beginners. The fundamental program will repeat every 6 weeks. We will cover each topic 5 times by the end of the year.

Questions and Answers:
Students can ask any questions once every 6 weeks.

However, I still have to fall back to teaching techniques when it comes to introduce the modern guards (ie spider, de la riva, x guard, 50/50 etc.. you can see it in the following link.

The intermediate guard system will be taught with 2 classes per topic. The program will repeat every 6 weeks. We will cover each topic 2-3 times by the end of the year.

When it comes to teach guard systems, the focus is on the concept on when to switch to each guard and when to bail out.
You still will have the old school mentally that your opponent does not deserve to be in your open guard because he has not broken you closed guard.
But I believe that the old days of keeping the closed guard at all cost are long gone.

A strong guard is NOT how tight your can squeeze your legs together.

We will cover the guard concept, sweeps, submissions and guard passes.

What if you are not a guard player? Well, best way to learn how to pass a guard is TO learn how that use that guard in a defensive manner to learn its weaknesses.

So at the moment, we have set our training program for the second semester.

You can see the program in the following link.


Congratulation to Igor and Jose on their medals that they won at the Wellington BJJ Competition run
by NZ Grappler las weekend.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Limited Edition Gi Design: AZUL

Allright, I just ticked off one more of my bucket list.

Our first limited Gi design: "AZUL".
Azul means "blue" in Portuguese.

Blue is the colour of our Auckland rugby team.

Why use Rangitoto Island design?

Rangitoto Island is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand. The 5.5 km wide island is an iconic and widely visible landmark of Auckland with its distinctive symmetrical shield volcano cone rising 260 metres (850 ft) high over the Hauraki Gulf.[1][2] Rangitoto is the most recent and the largest (2311 hectares)[3] of the approximately 50 volcanoes of the Auckland volcanic field.[2] It is separated from the mainland of Auckland's North Shore by the Rangitoto Channel. Since World War II it has been linked by a causeway to the much older, non-volcanic Motutapu Island.[4]

I used to "collect" shoroyroll gis and love their contrast stitching and unique theme for each edition.

This gi design is inspired by Auckland (blue, volvanic island).

I am already start thinking of future edition inspired on different cities like Christchurch and Maori carving like Koru.

Stay tune.

Thanks for reading.



Monday, 23 June 2014


Training Program for second semester 2014

Training Program for second semester 2014
Note 1: You can train Judo every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Note 2: You can train open mats BJJ every Saturday morning from 11 am at 111 Newton Road, Mount Eden Terrace, Auckland.
  • Thursday 19: Back / Spider Guard
  • Saturday 21: GI Wellington Competition (Igor, Jose)
  • Tuesday 24: Side Control / Spider Guard
  • Thursday 26: Knee on the belly / De La Riva Guard / Berimbolo

  • Tuesday 1: North South / De La Riva Guard / Berimbolo
  • Thursday 3: Guard subs / Reverse De La Riva / Beijao
  • Tuesday 8: Guard passes / Reverse De La Riva / Beijao
  • Thursday 10: Guard sweeps / Lasso Guard
  • Tuesday 15: Top half guard / Lasso Guard
  • Thursday 17: Bottom half guard / Sit-up guard
  • Tuesday 22: Turtle / Sit-up guard
  • Thursday 24: Questions and Answers / Kimura Trap
  • Tuesday 29: Mount / Butterfly guard
  • Thursday 31: Back / Butterfly guard

  • Tuesday 5: Side control / X guard
  • Thursday 7: Knee on the belly / X guard
  • Tuesday 12: North South / single X guard
  • Thursday 14: Guard subs / single X guard / Pukekohe Drags
  • Tuesday 19: Guard passes / Deep half guard
  • Thursday 21: Guard sweeps / Deep half guard
  • Saturday 23: GI Auckland Nationals
  • Tuesday 26: Top half guard - 50/50 guard
  • Thursday 28: Bottom half guard – 50/50 guard / Leg Locks

  • Tuesday 2: Turtle / spider guard
  • Thursday 4: Questions and Answers / Kimura Trap
  • Tuesday 9: Mount / spider guard
  • Thursday 11: Back / de la Riva guard / berimbolo
  • Tuesday 16: side control / de la Riva guard / berimbolo
  • Thursday 18: Knee on the belly / reverse de la Riva / beijao
  • Saturday 20: NOGI Rotorua
  • Tuesday 23: North South / reverse de la Riva / beijao
  • Thursday 25: Guard subs / lasso guard
  • Tuesday 30: Guard passes / lasso guard

  • Thursday 2: guard sweeps / sit-up guard
  • Tuesday 7: top half guard / sit-up guard
  • Thursday 9: bottom half guard / butterfly guard
  • Tuesday 14: Turtle / butterfly guard
  • Thursday 16: Questions and Answers / Kimura Trap
  • Tuesday 21: Mount / X guard
  • Thursday 23: Back / X guard
  • Tuesday 28: side control / single X guard
  • Thursday 30: Knee on the belly / single x guard / Pukekohe Drags

  • Tuesday 4: North South / deep half guard
  • Thursday 6: Guard subs / deep half guard
  • Saturday 8: NOGI Auckland Nationals
  • Tuesday 11: Guard passes – 50/50 guard
  • Thursday 13: Guard sweeps -50/50 guards / Leg Locks
  • Tuesday 18: Top half guard / spider guard
  • Thursday 20: Bottom half guard / spider guard
  • Tuesday 25: turtle / de la Riva guard
  • Thursday 27: Questions and Answers / Kimura trap

  • Tuesday 2: Questions and Answers / revision for graduation
  • Thursday 4: Questions and Answers / revision for graduation
  • Saturday 6: Graduation (TO BE CONFIRMED)
  • Tuesday 9: Graduation (TO BE CONFIRMED)
  • Tuesday 16: Questions and Answers
  • Thursday 18: Last Training of the year.
Restart on Tuesday 6 January 2015
Judo classes to continue during the X-mas holiday period.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Weekly Training Report: Mount - Back - Spider Guard

It has been busy week so only one training report for both classes.

We are coming at the end of the first semester with a few members graduating to a blue belt (3 for this semester).

We are tuning up the training program for the second semester and the list should be up by next week.

Tuesday was Mount / S-Mount

Thursday was Back / Spider Guard.

Congrats to Webber on his blue belt promotion.

Joao received his 4th stripes yesterday, next belt.

Igor and Jose are going to NZ BJJ comp on Saturday.

Good Luck.

 Next week topic:

Tuesday: side control / spider guard

Thursday: Knee of belly, de la riva / berimbolo.

If you interested to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, please drop in for a free class.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

New black belt in Tauranga

Felipe Santos was promoted to black belt by Douglas Santos in Auckland.

If you want to train with Douglas:

Felipe Santos teach BJJ in Tauranga.

If you want to train with Felipe,

Contact Felipe
021 264 32 11 or 021 070 76 30



2014 Mid Year Contemplation

As we just completed another 6 months of running the club, it is time to look back, analyse and plan
for the next 6 months.

We have promoted 4 blue belts since last Dec 2013.

The transition to our new location in Epsom has been successful and the number of club members have increased (especially since the last 2 months).

The new Judoka from Judokong have been attending our classes as well.

We have been consistent in following our training plan and introduced a new intermediate guard program as well for the blue belts.

It lead to split the class into 2 groups to ensure that the rookies are getting good fundamentals and the more advanced students start learning new stuff such as berimbolo, deep half guard..

Also, for warm up, we introduced a drill to win system: 4 drills that are repeated for 20 minutes at warm up. The same drills are kept for 2 weeks.

The take downs training has not been that great as we wanted but our members can always cross train at Judo classes which are free for them (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).

Recently, It seems that the 30 minutes rolling is getting shorter.

It could be due to the technique section going overboard or just having a larger number of members attending training.

There is always the option to attend the open mats in town on Saturday from 11am for the guys that want more sparring.

2 NZ grappler competitions coming up for the next 6 months.

I have designing a few more logos for the website as well.

Also, we need to implement a self defense program based on the Gracie Jiu Jitsu system before December.

I need to plan graduation for the week of December because it is very likely that I will away from Auckland after that.

Write up from last 16 December 2014.

How to Pass The Worm Guard by Rodolfo Vieira

Training Report: Questions and Answers

Last Thursday training was Questions and Answers. The usual drills to win for warm up. Stu took Jose. Webber and Marc to go over the blue belt syllabus. Meanwhile I took the rest of the class and went over some of their questions:
Are you allowed to grab the fingers?
What is Vale Tudo?

How to pass the guard?
We will cover this topic in 2 weeks time
How to do a triangle?
We covered the triangle.

Also, we had the visit of 2 Brazilians black belts that are visiting Auckland and New Zealand.
 Mito Pontual (4th Degree BB) and Marco Valle (3th Degree BB).

Marco demonstrated a nice choke from side control/kimura control

Classe concluded with normal sparring.

What is Vale Tudo?

At the last class (Questions and Answers), someone asked what was Vale Tudo.


Vale tudo (IPA: [ˈvali ˈtudu]; English: anything goes) are full-contact unarmed combat events, with a limited number of rules, that became popular in Brazil during the 20th century.[1] Vale Tudo has been considered a combat sport by some observers.[2] Vale Tudo uses techniques from many martial art styles, making it similar to modern mixed martial arts.

"Carlos Gracie issued what is now known as "The Gracie Challenge" in a newspaper, an open invitation to a Vale Tudo style match with a Gracie with a cash prize for the winner. Carlos and his brothers accepted many, many challenges over the next forty years. Boxers, professional wrestlers, Capoeira fighters, and generic tough men were common opponents. As the years wore on Carlos slowly receded form the leadership of the family and Helio stepped forward to bear the Gracie standard."

The Chute Boxe Academy (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʃutʃi ˈbɔksi], Kick-Boxing) opened as a Muay
Thai academy in 1978 in Curitiba, Brazil. Head trainer Rudimar Fedrigo later expanded the program in 1991 to include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other aspects of modern mixed martial arts. By 1995, the Chute Boxe team was considered a prime training ground for Vale Tudo fighters. In 2004, an American branch, Chute Boxe USA, was established in Los Angeles, California.

Chute Boxe fighters are characterized by being extremely aggressive and physical, as well as well-rounded fighters, able to use submissions, punches, kicks, and various grappling styles as needed.[1]

Monday, 16 June 2014

BJJ rules seminar in Auckland - Sunday 15 June 2014

We just completed our seminar in 4 hours.

It was a great opportunity to go over the new ibjjf 2014 rules and discuss in details on some major issues of referring (stalling, knee ripping, scrambles, out of mats actions etc).

If you want to sign up for the next event, please contact Paulo.

New black belt in Auckland.

Kula was awarded his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Douglas Santos on the weekend.

If you want to train at Douglas Santos:'

Kula is the BJJ instructor at Elite Kick Boxing Gym:


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Topic for Thursday class: Questions and Answers

 Please note thursday topic will be Questions and Anwers.

Think of a question to ask and see you on the mats.

Training Report: Turtle

We started our new drills to win for the next 2 weeks.

the new drills took a while to introduce so we will include our throw technique on Thursday.

Topic of the day was turtle.

For intermediate students, we covered the kimura trap from several situations (single leg takedown, top halg guard and bottom half guard. We covered that topic last thursday but I felt we needed to drill it a little bit more.

Situational rolling from turtle and then normal rolling.

Turtle is the last position on our training program.

So Thursday will be questions and answers.

If you have any questions, come down on thursday and we will answer them.