Training report: Half guard pass

Warm up/ drills to win:
arm bar/triangle/omoplata
bullfighter guard pass
leg drag guard pass
Ippon seo Nage

Half guard pass for beginners

We broaden the topic of the half guard passes with adding the Kimura.
Kimura gives you so much control.

You can use Kimura control to sweep someone from bottom half guard to back take.

Or you can use the Kimura to take someone back from top half guard.

Counter to Kimura from bottom half guard
Kimura from top half guard to side control (which I learned from Clark Gracie).
Kimura from bottom half guard to back take (Atos style).

Situational rolling from half guard.

Next Tuesday 10 June: Turtle
Next Thursday 12 June:  Questions and Answers.

See you on the mats and have a good weekend.



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