Weekly Training Report: Mount - Back - Spider Guard

It has been busy week so only one training report for both classes.

We are coming at the end of the first semester with a few members graduating to a blue belt (3 for this semester).

We are tuning up the training program for the second semester and the list should be up by next week.

Tuesday was Mount / S-Mount

Thursday was Back / Spider Guard.

Congrats to Webber on his blue belt promotion.

Joao received his 4th stripes yesterday, next stop...........blue belt.

Igor and Jose are going to NZ BJJ comp on Saturday.

Good Luck.

 Next week topic:

Tuesday: side control / spider guard

Thursday: Knee of belly, de la riva / berimbolo.

If you interested to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, please drop in for a free class.



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