Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


new gi designs available
BJJ training report:

new gi design available: NZD150 with all the patches.

drills to win: warm up

Topic fundamental: Mount.

Intermediate guard: butterfly guard

Situational rolling and then normal rolling.

Thursday topics are Back control and butterfly guard.

see you on the mats.

Monday, 28 July 2014

BJJ Technique: Rickson demonstrates his special upa technique (mount escape)

I learned this escape a few years ago while attending a seminar with Henry Atkins. Henry is a Rickson Gracie Black Belt. Great video and gread techniques.

BJJ 2014 Kids World Champion would like to congratulate Ashley Nesbitt on her medals at the 2014 Kids IBJJF

Well done.

Article from by Ben Rogers.

Ashley Nesbitt is living proof that good things come in small packages.
The 8-year-old Blockhouse Bay resident has just won a gold and silver at the 2014 Kids World International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship in the United States.
Stepping outside her comfort zone and competing in Los Angeles has been a humbling experience for the youngster, mum Fiona Nesbitt says.
"It has been really hot over there, I think she has been pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing but she has taken it all in her stride so far."
It was the first time Ashley has been away from home without her family and the first time she has competed without her mum or dad in her corner. She travelled with her coach.
"I think she has found it a lot easier than I have. Ashley is pretty independent, she's got quite a mature personality, but for me it has been nerve-racking."
Despite the distance between her and her whanau, the proud Nga Puhi descendant fought her way to a silver in the gi tournament and gold in the no gi tournament.
"From what I've heard she has had a lot of fun but it is a lot different to anything she has experienced before. There was no coach in her corner so she wasn't able to be coached through her matches which was a first for her."
With the tournament now over Ashley is spending an extra week in the US for some more training in Las Vegas.
Ashley is the middle child of five who all practise martial arts. Her mum says her results have been an eye-opener.
"We would love to take her back again next year. This has made us think she definitely has a future doing what she is doing, so she will get back to training and see what comes next.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

BJJ topic for tonight: Questions and Answers (fundamental) and Kimura Trap (Intermediate)

BJJ topic for tonight: Questions and Answers (fundamental) and Kimura Trap (Intermediate)

We are completing our rotation of fundamental program by having questions and answers tonight.

All our beginners students get to ask one question and the instructor will answer them.

It helps the instructor to address individual issues once every 6 weeks.

Zay already asked about triangle defense so it will be the first question of the day.

Meanwhile, our intermediate students will drill the kimura trap which we covered couple of months ago..

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Eddie Bravo explains the Rubber Guard to Rickson Gracie



Drill to win for warm up.

Fundamentals: Turtle.
Serge taught how to take the back from the turtle and the RNC.
He also taught the clock choke.

Intermediate guard: Sit up guard. To complete our second class on sit up guard, Stu taught the variation where you use the lapel through the legs for a more effective sit up guard.

We also watched and study the following video in class because we have a flat screen TV.

Training concluded with situational rolling and normal rolling

Next class topic Questions and Answers for fundamentals and Kimura Trap for intermediate.

See you on the mats.

Monday, 21 July 2014

BJJ Competition: Gi Nationals with NZ grappler - Held in Auckland - Saturday 23 August 2014

BJJ Competition date.

BJJ training report: Half guard sweeps and sit up guard

Drill to wins for warm up.

I think we are starting a new set of drills this week.

Stu explained the concept of bottom half guard and sweeps for fundamentals.
The half guard is no longer a place of stalling where you just got your guard opened and the opponent is half way to side control.
It is a offensive position where 100 of sweeps are available.
Please note that if you get flat on your back from half guard, you are giving away 1 advantage.

Gordo made the half guard very popular due to an injury.
When he was a purple belt, a defining moment in Roberto Correa’s life occurred. He injured his knee severely, an injury that prevented him from training, but “Gordo” wasn’t convinced and decided to return to the mats prematurely. In order to keep his knee safe, he started playing from the bottom controlling one of the legs of his opponent with his own legs. This was a position he used defensively to keep his opponents from passing his guard. People had “fallen” into this position before, but Roberto started exploring it to his benefit. He was so fruitful that he started training specifically this position even after his convalescence period being extremely successful both in class and in competition. People started calling it “Meia-Guarda” (English equivalent to Half-Guard) a position that became fundamental for any Jiu Jitsu fighter of the modern era."

Then Serge did the first part of our sit up guard. I think the sit up guard compliment well the de la riva guard when the opponent is grabbing your non de la riva hook.
I also find it more versatile as you do not have your back on the ground.

Situational rolling from half guard and open guard.

Then normal rolling.

Tuesday 22 July:
Serge: Turtle
Stu: Sit up guard.

See you on the mats.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

BJJ powerpoint presentation: how to read the ibjjf bjj rules by

How to read the ibjjf rules by from aucklandbjj

In this presentation, I look at deciphering the rules by using the above flowchart. We look at what is a severe fouls. A severe foul will get you an instant DQ. Then we look at Knee ripping which have 2 outcome: DQ, serious penalty. After that, we look at the serious fouls and stalling. We learn that you can only do 3 penalties or get DQ (if you get the 4 penalties). If you do not get DQ by the end of the match, well done you have made it. Then we look at points scoring and advantages. We also cover the combat area and gestures. To complete the presentation, we discuss the ref decision. 

If you want me to do a presentation at your club, send me an email.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

BJJ training report: half guard and lasso guard

drills to win for warm up:

we are completing the rotation of drills 3 for your information,'
Below are the 3 sets for drills we have been using.

Throw of the day was Osoto Gari

Fundamentals: half guard pass

intermediate: lasso guard

Situation rolling from half guard and lasso guard

Training concluded with normal rolling

BJJ Report:NZ Girls Grappling Winter Camp 2014

BJJ report:
Just a few pictures from the last week end camp.
I am happy to have attended the camp as a guest instructor.
I think the concept to training together beyond the boundaries of clubs/gym is great.
As we all know, most clubs have one or two female members.
They need to be able to train with their own gender and this camp give them that exact platform to train.
I was asked to talk about BJJ competition rules. I just hope I did bore too many people.

Looking forward to next year event.

Please also note they will be holding their own open mats through the year at different locations.

For more information, please join their Facebook page.!/groups/kiwigirls/

Friday, 11 July 2014

BJJ training report: guard sweeps and lasso guards (slicers)

BJJ training report:

drills to win for warm up which we will upload soon,

Osoto Gari drills for the throw of the day.

guard sweeps.

Intermediate guard:
Lasso guard and bicep slicer.

Situational rolling

Normal rolling.

Next Tuesday, serge will cover top half guard while stu will finish the second class on lasso guard.

Have a good week end.

BJJ news: our weekly fees have gone up to $20

BJJ Fees:

New increase only applies to new members.

Our weekly fees has gone up to NZD 20 per week.

No contract.

Just automatic payment.

What does you get in return?

2 BJJ classes on Tuesday and Thursday (6 pm to 7.30 pm) in 6 woodhall road, Epsom, Auckland.
1 open mats BJJ every Saturday in 111 Newtown road, Eden Terrace, Auckland.


5 Judo classes in 6 woodhall road, Epsom, Auckland (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Death of the BJJ guard jumper as per IBJJF rules

If the opponent pulls closed guard and remains suspended in the air, the athlete will have to put the opponent’s back on the ground within 3 (three) seconds and stabilize the top position for 3 (three) seconds to be awarded with Takedown points.

Finally, guard jumpers are going to lose 2 points if they get return on the ground within 3 seconds.

Guard jumping is only applicable for sport BJJ and is now discouraged by the loss of 2 points.

Time to learn how to throw or pull guard (drag the person to ground) instead of hugging  like koala on a tree.

Also, lot of injuries from jumping guard as well will be prevented.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

BJJ Training Report: Guard Pass - Reverse De La Riva - Beijao

BJJ training report:

Drills to win for warm up:

Hip bump sweeps

Triangle (or sub combo for blue belts: arm bar, triangle, omoplata also know as the trinity of subs).

Bull fighter guard pass

Leg drag guard pass.

Osoto Gari Drills for throws

Topic of the day:

Guard pass for fundamentals.
I explained the pro and cons of breaking the closed guard on the knees and standing.
I taught breaking the closed guard standing and using the bull fighter guard pass (from the drills) to pass.

Reverse de la riva for intermediate.

Situational Rolling
Guard pass for fundamentals
Open guard for intermediate

Training concluded with normal rolling.

Next 2 classes program:

Thursday 10: Guard sweeps / Lasso Guard
  • Tuesday 15: Top half guard / Lasso Guard


    Friday, 4 July 2014

    BJJ Training report: guard subs - Reverse De La Riva - Kiss of the Dragon (Beijao)

    BJJ Drills to win for warm up
    Throw of the day: Osoto Gari

    Topic of the day:
    Guard Subs for beginner
    Reverse de La Riva for intermediate (kiss of the dragon and kiss of the tiger).
    Positional Rolling
    Then normal rolling with a few rounds of stand up for good measure.

    Tuesday, 1 July 2014

    The curse of the blue belt

    I will teach you a black belt magic trick in Jiu Jitsu.

    If you want a student to disappear: give him a blue belt.

    It is recurring event in the life of an instructor and a club.

    If you think the drop out of white belts is bad enough, the ratio of drop out of the blue belts is worst.

    I am not sure if I agree with statistics on this picture.

    But the issue is not really about arguing about the percentages of drop out but more on discussing the reasons for such drop out and what we can do to prevent it.

     Reasons for the drop out:
    • It takes a long time to achieve a blue belt. It average between 1-3 years.
    • After 1-3 years of training, people loose interest and wants to start a new sport or hobby.
    • The goal of the student was to achieve the blue belt and not the black belt.
    • Personal situations changes over the years. Lot of people that start training are young single males with disposable income. Lot of them are at university level or are single. Add a few more years and they end up married, working, having kids, mortgage. Their spare cash and time is therefore limited.
    • blue belts in action
    • Identify your target market. It is not a problem recently as the public is getting more savy into differentiating MMA from BJJ. But there is still many BJJ clubs that attract MMA fans. I am not too sure if they do it on purpose. But do not be surprise if a person drops out because his original intention was to train MMA and not BJJ.

    How can we prevent it:
    • Lower your fees. I am astonished to hear instructor complaining of their high drop out ratio when their fees are double of a normal fitness gym. Such high fees are not sustainable for a long term membership. Yes, you might make a quick buck of a customer but do you really think that they will keep paying for the rest of the life if the fees are too expensive?
    • Look at the reasons why people keep training. Not everyone is a competition stud. If you can keep hobbyists interested in attending training, you would retain lot of your members.
    • Keep your doors open. Too many instructors have a negative attitude towards students that stop training and even worst when they leave to train at another gym. and Have a policy of unconditional love and always encourage ex members to come back training.
    • Have social events outside training. Organise events for everyone in the club, not just the inside group of hardcore members.Make an attempt to include everyone.
    • Slow down on the hard sparring and focus on situational rolling.
    • Do not promote a headhunter mentality in your club. Lot of old school mentality is to defend your belt. It means you cannot tap to a lower belt. Such mentality is not beneficial for the long term development of a club. Your older members and higher belts will get stress training against younger and more aggressive members and it will lead them into leaving. I am not saying that you have to turn your club into a Mc Dojo but you also have to tell members that it is ok to lose at sparring against lower belts. You have to tell younger members that it is not ok to go out of their ways to smash older members. They have done their time and got promoted accordingly to their skills. They have a right to keep training without having to worry about having a target mark on their back.
    • Teach people that losing is learning. That should take care of many egos.
    • Get a beer fridge for after training.

    Have a cold beer after training is always good

    Budo Videos 300x300

    How old is too old for training Jiu Jitsu?

    Congratulations to John on his first stripe and welcome to Chang from Shanghai.
    Never too late to train Jiu-Jitsu.
    We accept members from all different age categories.
    John has been training with us for the past 6 months.
    Chang does not have any stripes on his white belt as yet, but he has vast knowledge of Jiu Jitsu already.
    As we found out during sparring, he already has a pretty good Toe Hold submission and inverted triangle as well.

    Read below link on the achievement of a 74 year old man.

    Antonio Claudio Collares “Tonicão” promoted to the Coral belt (7 degrees in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

    We will like to congratulate Tonicao on his latest promotion.

    He was promoted by Rolker Gracie.

    For more information on Tonicao: