BJJ powerpoint presentation: how to read the ibjjf bjj rules by

How to read the ibjjf rules by from aucklandbjj

In this presentation, I look at deciphering the rules by using the above flowchart. We look at what is a severe fouls. A severe foul will get you an instant DQ. Then we look at Knee ripping which have 2 outcome: DQ, serious penalty. After that, we look at the serious fouls and stalling. We learn that you can only do 3 penalties or get DQ (if you get the 4 penalties). If you do not get DQ by the end of the match, well done you have made it. Then we look at points scoring and advantages. We also cover the combat area and gestures. To complete the presentation, we discuss the ref decision. 

If you want me to do a presentation at your club, send me an email.


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