BJJ Training Report: Guard Pass - Reverse De La Riva - Beijao

BJJ training report:

Drills to win for warm up:

Hip bump sweeps

Triangle (or sub combo for blue belts: arm bar, triangle, omoplata also know as the trinity of subs).

Bull fighter guard pass

Leg drag guard pass.

Osoto Gari Drills for throws

Topic of the day:

Guard pass for fundamentals.
I explained the pro and cons of breaking the closed guard on the knees and standing.
I taught breaking the closed guard standing and using the bull fighter guard pass (from the drills) to pass.

Reverse de la riva for intermediate.

Situational Rolling
Guard pass for fundamentals
Open guard for intermediate

Training concluded with normal rolling.

Next 2 classes program:

Thursday 10: Guard sweeps / Lasso Guard
  • Tuesday 15: Top half guard / Lasso Guard



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