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Shodan Quest - Trip to Ashikaga

Obviously, I didn't want to show them up with my six pack. Before Henry, Chris and I left Tokyo for Kyoto we visited our sister club in Ashikaga. We where hosted by Kristy and Tomohiro Naito, who our club members had met competing in the All Japan Masters 2 years ago. They had hosted the Auckland University Masters team last year and had invited us to train with them this year too. After some delays caused by Chris coming down with a day long case of the Roppongi flu we took an hour long train to Ashikaga station were we were met by Kristy Tomohiro and their two sons (Tomo and Hiro :-) The weather was better and we actually saw some blue skies in Ashikaga during Henry's first car ride in Japan (we have been using the train system all through Tokyo). We visited Tomohiro's parent's Buddhist temple then hung out at their house before Judo started at 8:30 pm for the senior class. Henry had a good workout but I was still recovering from the same aliment as Chris and

BJJ technique: Lapel Guard

The lapel guard which is not to be confused with worm guard is another "new" guard. I would say that both guards goes hand to hand and are just a continuation of the other. Like sit up guard is the continuation of the de la riva guard. In a way, one could think that worm guard is the continuation of the lapel guard.

BJJ Techniques: Worm guard

It seems that berimbolo is so last year. The current trendy guards are the worm guard and lapel guard. I think Keenan started the trend and named the worm guard. Definitely guards of the future!

Shodan Quest - August Tsukinami Shiai

This was our first grading competition in Tokyo. The aim was to win 3 fights in a row to directly grade to Judo Black Belt. So we were put on the list and Henry was at 11, Chris was at 12 and I was 15 out of 15 (which meant I could only win one fight :-( ) Henry beat two Japanese and then lost to Chris with a Harai Makakomi. Chris then fought a Frenchman living in Thailand to a draw. I then fought the Frenchman, tried a flying armbar and then pinned him for the win.

Shodan Quest - First Day in Japan

Post training warm down Henry, Chris and I (Stu) from the University Judo club are visiting Japan and attending some competitions here hoping to earn our Shodan in Judo. First up is a grading in the Kodokan (the home of Judo) in Tokyo. To help with this we were hosted by Marunouchi Police Judo club (despite the name it is composed of successful Japanese business men) for a Randori session. In this club they let you do your own warm up, then 6 people put on red belts and fight for as many 4 minute rounds as you can take, you then swap your red belt with someone. How I explain that I am vegetarian in Japan

BJJ Good Read: How to Spot a Toxic Martial Arts Club Environment by Sally Arsenault

From The writer is Sally Arsenault I found this article and just put some of the information on this blog for our readers in New Zealand. Please go on the above link for the full article. "Martial arts can attract people who feel helpless in their lives. They may have been abused mentally or physically as children and learning martial arts can help them to feel a sense of control. It can make them feel powerful. As they progress in their training, they will become proficient at the techniques and begin to submit other people. Time goes by and if these people stick around and train consistently they may become the best people at their clubs, as others leave or lose interest in training. Over time, more students look up to this person and ask for help with technique. Teammates may think that because this person is better than them at jiu jitsu, he or she must be better than them at

BJJ Training Report: First NOGI class for the season!

The next competition is on 9th Novembers 2014: New Zealand Gappler Nationals. We are now training nogi every thursday night to prepare the competitors. Also, training without the gi is good as you can start relying on gi grips too often. We conclude our warm up - series of drill to win: scissor sweep, triangle, bullfighter guard pass, leg drag guard pass. We had to modify the techniques to adapt to nogi grips.   The Topic of the day was bottom 1/2 guard. we went over what consist a good defense for bottom sweeps and 3 sweeps.   Also, Serge did an introduction to the leg locks game: Knee Bar and Toe Hold!   Training concluded with usual situational rolling: 1/2 guard Then normal rolling. Next week topics are: Tuesday: Turle. Thursday: Questions and Answers. The drills to win for the next 2 weeks will be based on guard retention.

BJJ Training report: Half guard passes

Warm up: Drills to win scissor sweeps triangle bull fighter guard pass     Leg drag passes           Topic of the day is top half guard           Then situation rolling from half guard and normal rolling.   On Thursday, we will continue our half guard topic and will do bottom half guard sweeps.   Do not forget that we are now training no-gi every thursday.   See you on the mats I still have some snap back caps for sale: $20.

Team Will Machado wins GI National 2014

Coaches at Will Machado affiliates have decided to consolidate their teams for team points. Here are the Will Machado teams who have merged: GroundControl, Allegiance, Twin Cities, Zero Gravity, Core MMA, Submission, Deep Waters, Lowkey, Clinch, East Coast BJJ, Academy of Combat and GSW.

Sayonara Stu

Stu is leaving tomorrow for a 4 weeks trip to train Judo in Japan with the team from Auckland University Judo Club. He will have some great experience training the Kodokan judo club, the Marunouchi police club, the Kyoto riot police, Ritsumei uni judo club and  DAISHIN dojo. He will be adding some police judo moves on our next year training program. Good luck, Stu. I am looking foward to read Sensei blog. P.S: Try to blog some stories when you are not busy getting thrown around or drinking sake.    


ivision 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Adult Gi >> White >> Rooster (up to 57.5 kg) Jamie Zhu Team Reign Scott Morgan Axis NZ Akimitsu Hirayama Team Reign Diego Bombardiere DS Team Adult Gi >> White >> Light Feather (up to 64.0 kg) Matthew Wong Will Machado matthew herdman Will Machado Geofrey Kong City BJJ Harvey Espinosa Oliver MMA Adult Gi >> White >> Feather (up to 70.0 kg) Michael Parker Horowhenua Ngapuhi Eden Hauraki Southern Tribes Andrew Brown Will Machado james coleman Tu Kaha Adult Gi >> White >> Light (up to 76.0 kg) Sam Jeffries Brasa New Zealand ilai manu Oliver MMA Louie Lim Tu Kaha Maia Jones Orphans Adult Gi >> White >> Middle (up to 82.3 kg) pavel kondakov DS Team Dawson Gray Will Machado Jay Simeona Will Machado Timur Rakhimbetov DS Team Adult Gi >> White >> Medium Heavy (up to 88.3 kg) George Prescott Oliver MMA stacy w


2014 NZ GRAPPLER BJJ GI NATIONALS Points are based on 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, and 1 point for 3rd place.  CLICK HERE FOR INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 2014 NZ GRAPPLER BJJ GI NATIONALS - ADULT TEAM PERFORMANCE TEAM 1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL Will Machado 7 9 5 5 67 Oliver MMA 5 9 4 3 56 Tu Kaha 7 0 6 5 41 DS Team 3 4 4 4 31 Gracie Gym NZ 2 2 5 2 21 Orphans 3 1 1 1 19 Southern Tribes 0 4 2 0 14 Axis NZ 1 2 0 0 11 Carlson Gracie NZ - Jose Gomes Team 1 2 0 2 11 City BJJ 1 1 1 1 9 East Ocean Jiu Jitsu 1 0 1 0 6 Team Reign 1 0 1 0 6 Brasa New Zealand 1 0 0 0 5 Horowhenua 1 0 0 0 5 Judokwai 1 0 0 0 5 Roger Gracie 1 0 0 1 5 Exon Grappling 0 1 0 0 3 IMA 0 1 0 1 3 Inglewood BJJ 0 0 1 0 1 Maai Hyoshi Dojos 0 0 1 0 1 2014 NZ GRAPPLER BJJ GI NATIONALS - KIDS TEAM PERFORMANCE TEAM 1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL Oliver MMA 12 12 13 7 109 Will Machado 7 8 8 7 67 Gracie Gym NZ 3 5 7 2 37 Brasa New Zealand 2 4 0 0 22 Tu Kaha 1 2 0 0 11 Whangarei BJJ 2 0 1 1 11