Shodan Quest - Trip to Ashikaga

Obviously, I didn't want to show them up with my six pack.
Before Henry, Chris and I left Tokyo for Kyoto we visited our sister club in Ashikaga. We where hosted by Kristy and Tomohiro Naito, who our club members had met competing in the All Japan Masters 2 years ago.

They had hosted the Auckland University Masters team last year and had invited us to train with them this year too. After some delays caused by Chris coming down with a day long case of the Roppongi flu we took an hour long train to Ashikaga station were we were met by Kristy Tomohiro and their two sons (Tomo and Hiro :-)

The weather was better and we actually saw some blue skies in Ashikaga during Henry's first car ride in Japan (we have been using the train system all through Tokyo). We visited Tomohiro's parent's Buddhist temple then hung out at their house before Judo started at 8:30 pm for the senior class. Henry had a good workout but I was still recovering from the same aliment as Chris and was a little slow.

In Japan you must be this young to be taught throwing techniques,
all senior trainings seem to be randori only

Henry and I then had dinner and drinks with the club members, and watched the Judo world cup (on free to air tv in Japan) and tried to learn the rules of the card game the Senior members of the club were playing.

On Sunday we did some sightseeing with the Naitos and left for Kyoto. Looking forward to our training with the police judo team on Monday 10pm.


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