Origins Part 2

First write up I did a while ago when we started in Onehunga.

After leaving Onehunga to Epsom, we decided to have our own website.

Sensei Rick came up with the brilliant idea to use auckland and bjj in the title as this is the main 2 keywords that people would search on google.

He also came up with the idea to blog about it.

That was another great idea as within a few months, our website climbed up the ranking on the google search.

I kept the blog as write up about our training report but also write about bjj topics and informations about BJJ in Auckland and New Zealand.

Another advantages of blogging was that it attracts people that shares the same point of views about training.

If you have a typical BJJ website, anyone will come up and inquire about training.

On our blog, you can tell how much it is to train but also you can tell what type of BJJ club we are running.

 You also put the list of BJJ gyms in Auckland but also in New Zealand

We try to keep the pages above updated, if you want us to add your details of your club, just email them to us please.

To conclude this write up, we started to be known as auckland bjj due to the website name.

Funny that!


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