Know the BJJ rules: Knee Reaping 101 - Seve Foul - Automatic DQ

What is Knee Ripping?

Knee ripping is characterized by when one of the athletes places his thigh behind the leg of his opponent and passes his calf on top of the opponent’s body above the knee, placing his foot beyond the vertical midline of the opponent’s body and applying pressure on his opponents knee from the outside, true inside, while keeping the foot of the leg at risk stuck between his hip and armpit.

It is not necessary for one of the athletes to hold the foot of his opponent in order for the foot to be considered caught or stuck.

For purposes of this rule, when one athlete is standing and bearing their weight on foot of the same leg as the knee in danger, the foot will be considered caught or stuck.
Knee ripping – Severe Foul - DQ
Next we will be looking how what type of knee reaping would only get you penalise with one foul BUT not DQ.


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